The Typical First Post

So here we go. The first post in hopefully a successful career as a musician. I am currently a “struggling” musician and am hoping to “launch” a career in the music business.

I put “struggling” in quotations becuase i don’t currently have anything out in the world (except for a rough cut demo recorded on a digital camera) and i havent tried as hard as some may expect i should.

I also put “launch” in quotes b/c i’m not looking for nor do i expect a big boom of a career such as lady gaga or taylor swift.

So the journey begins. I will be attempting to release a full, 10 song album by the end of the month of June.

to listen and download my first ever released song, “Be Free”, visit:

I hope you guys enjoy! I’m looking foreward and hopeful that i will recieve the support i need from anyone who will give it.