Post 11: I Want to Sleep

Oh. My. God. This technology not working thing is really getting on my frickin nerves. I guess I’m going to have to strat using someone elses computer to upload stuff on bandcamp. That’ll be fun.

Anyways, I got a post full of fun (well, fun for me and hopefully fun for you) information regarding tracklisting and other releases.

So the first release after the album was going to be another single but that’s kind of a waste of time to me. So I’m going to release an EP of 6 demo versions of the songs on the album. I’m going to release that on September 20.

Next, on November 28, I’m going to release an EP consisting of 8 songs that didnt make it onto the album so when that date comes closer I’ll release more information on that.

Now for the tracklist for the album:

  1. I Want to Sleep
  2. Tight Rope
  3. Broken Forest
  4. Man
  5. Last Year
  6. I’m Unsure
  7. Falling Out of Touch
  8. Be Free
  9. Wallflower
  10. Shadow

So that is the FINAL tracklisting!!! Yaaay!

And now I’m going to post the lyrics to the opening song to the album called I Want to Sleep:

I Want to Sleep:

bring me some coffee in the morning/ kill me by this afternoon/ lay me to rest in the evening light/ keep me all to yourself/ keep
me from going to hell/ i see you from up above/ and you are not crying/ well it’s all right/ to shed no tears/ for me/ hey whats
going on/ i don’t really miss god/ i wanna sleep/ hey, i wanna breathe/ i wanna catch up on my sleep/ i don’t really miss god
i wanna breathe/ i wanna sleep



Post 10: What a Day

Silly me. I forgot to post another song’s lyrics yesterday. Sorry about that. I also apologize for the fact that I’m not going to post any lyrics today either. It’s been a day. I’m just gonna leave it at that. SO, hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be able to get another songs lyrics posted.

Anyways. Technology hasnt been my friend lately. STILL I havent been able to upload album art for the “Be Free” pre-order on bandcamp. I updated flash, I updated Java, now the only thing to do is update to Internet Explorer 9.

Also, the library wants to charge me $27 for an unreturned book but the thing is, if they want to, the ought to make it easier to renew it without having to physically go to the library. I’ve tried calling, doesnt work, I’ve tried online, doenst work. UGGGHHH!

So this weekends goal is to get further into “Blink: The power to think without thinking”. The book is actually very facinating. And hopefully I’ll be able to figure out how to write a dialectical journal for my summer assignment for AP language. pleh.

I’ll try to stop complaining. I’m going into the studio on TUESDAY!!!! I’m so excited, so anxious, nervous, and a whole bunch of other feelings but most of all excited. I’ll blog after the experience to let you people know how it went and to keep you posted on album information.

Post 9: Wallflower

So many emotions!!!

first: frustration: bandcamp will not let me upload cover art! yay! (that was a sarcastic yay). for some reason my computer freezes when I try to upload the cover art for the release of “Be Free”. So, let the flash updating commence.

second: happiness: today, I bring you the first of a list of song lyrics that I will be releasing! yay! (thats a real yay) So the first song lyrics that I bring to you is a song by the name of “Wallflower”.


v1:the last thing that brings me up
is the first thing to bring me down
if you wanna move any faster
then jump onto moving ground
but my feet are here planted
a wallflower if you must
this whole thing has just ended
it has turned right into dust
chorus:so dry your eyes
clean up the mess
you left behind
cause you had to move faster
v2: i’m moving much faster than
i ever did before
it’s this thing that happens when
you’re feeling broken
so grab the key
and unlock the door
that unlocks your heart
and open it more

Okay so that was only 2 emotions but whatever. Tomorrow I’ll release another song’s lyrics!

Post 8

First on the agenda: My thoughts, and hopefully yours, go out to all the people who lives were lost in the tragic shooting in Oslo as well as their families.

Second on the agenda: I know I said that I would release the cover for the album but I’m not sure about it yet. I am however going to release the cover for the re-release of “Be Free” as I am back from chicago. Yes, I survived the heat wave, and now it’s New Yorks turn.

Third: R.I.P. Amy Winehouse.

Fourth: Starting sometime next week, I am going to post lyrics to one song every day! Yay! 

Fifth: So now, it’s time for the cover art. I made this about 5 minutes ago, listening to “Flames” by Vast (God, i love 90’s music) so here we are, the cover for “Be Free”:

Post 7

I’ve made some more decisions today while in the extreme heat of downtown chicago. So the first decision I made was that I would release my second single (which is yet to be decided) will be released on september 20.
Next, I set a date for the album to be released. The date (currently) is set for august 23. Again, I’m going into the studio august 2 but after that I’m going to try to add some other intruments using a computer program called mixcraft that you can try for free for 2 weeks! Don’t know if that’s considered cheating or not but ya know? They’re the ones who offer it for free. So. Anyways, that’s why the release date is two weeks later. Also I have to makesome decision on track listing and what songs I actually want of the album. Here are the 7 songs that will surely appear on the album (in no particular order):
1) wallflower
2) I want to sleep
3) last year
4) if you have to cry
5) be free
6) broken forest
7) I’m unsure

so, then there are three songs I’m not quite sure about and those are:
1) shadow
2) falling out of touch
3) tight rope

So, such dilemmas. Also the album is going to be self titled and I’m going to release the cover art with the cover art for “be free”.
Also sometime after the album comes out I’m going to release an ep of the demo versions of all the songs on the album.
Have a nice night friends. Also feel free to leave comments! I would love to hear your feedback!

Post 6

So if you weren’t aware, I am re-releasing my first single “Be Free” on august 9th. The “re-release” isn’t quite so much a re-release as it is an updated version of the song being released. (The version out right now is a rough demo, the new one being released will be the shiny, pretty, studio version).
Also, facebook has rewarded me (since I now have 25 fans) with a username! Pardon my lack of excitement. Anyways, it is now easier to direct fans to my facebook page with a simple url.
So, to all those who are at the edge of your seat waiting for a url, here it is:

Ya see, the lack of enthusiasm comes from the fact that the people who read this probably already like my facebook page! But just in case you are a total stranger and don’t like my page already, don’t hesitate to click that bad boy above and like my page. I love the support! 🙂
So anyways, chicago is still hotter than the place sinners go but it wasn’t as bad today as it was yesterday. Me and my family took a lovely double decker bus tour with probably the best tour guide ever.
Her name is kayla and she was a big, black, sassy lady that knew pretty much everything there is to know about downtown chicago. She has a plan to move into the penthouse suite in one of the crazy tall buildings with the 30 roomates she’ll need to pay the rent.
It was so crazy going through downtown and looking up at the buildings because they are SO TAAAALLLLLL! The building are stupidly tall. I couldn’t imagine living on a floor higher then 2. I don’t like the 10th floor my dad and i visited at the hotel we’re staying at so there’s no way you’ll find me on the 94th floor. And there’s also no way you’ll find me hanging out in the glass overlook thingy that’s 103 stories up the sears (now the willis) tower. The glass overlook thingy is nuts, its essentially a glass box that hangs over the side of the building. Glass walls, glass ceiling and glass FLOOR. Yeah? No.
So tomorrow we hit the aquarium and ginos pizza. Ttyl folks.