Post 5

20 views! Yaaay! Gotta start somewhere right? I’m in chicago right now and the heat…. the heat. my god is it hot outside. And humid. Me and my family went to the brookfield zoo today. The first 4 hours were miserably hot. I MEAN MISERABLY. There was no air movement what-so-ever and the humidity made my hair into a nicely shappd afro.
And then we went to the dolphin show. Oh, the dolphin show. Hot, stagnant air in a building stuffed with hundreds of people.
The highlight, I saw jeff from the curent season of the next food network star!!!!!! My mom didn’t believe it was him so I asked him (with much hesitation to go) and it turned out to be him.
I’m now kicking myself for not getting a picture but he was with his family and the (lamest iv ever seen) dolphin show was starting. But he waved goodbye to us so that was nice! Hopefuly he wins the show!
And the hunt for food begins. My feet hurt, my face feel like a salt mine (that’s from the sweat :D).
And the hunt for food ends. Cici’s pizza here we come.
Tata for now kids,

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