Post 6

So if you weren’t aware, I am re-releasing my first single “Be Free” on august 9th. The “re-release” isn’t quite so much a re-release as it is an updated version of the song being released. (The version out right now is a rough demo, the new one being released will be the shiny, pretty, studio version).
Also, facebook has rewarded me (since I now have 25 fans) with a username! Pardon my lack of excitement. Anyways, it is now easier to direct fans to my facebook page with a simple url.
So, to all those who are at the edge of your seat waiting for a url, here it is:

Ya see, the lack of enthusiasm comes from the fact that the people who read this probably already like my facebook page! But just in case you are a total stranger and don’t like my page already, don’t hesitate to click that bad boy above and like my page. I love the support! 🙂
So anyways, chicago is still hotter than the place sinners go but it wasn’t as bad today as it was yesterday. Me and my family took a lovely double decker bus tour with probably the best tour guide ever.
Her name is kayla and she was a big, black, sassy lady that knew pretty much everything there is to know about downtown chicago. She has a plan to move into the penthouse suite in one of the crazy tall buildings with the 30 roomates she’ll need to pay the rent.
It was so crazy going through downtown and looking up at the buildings because they are SO TAAAALLLLLL! The building are stupidly tall. I couldn’t imagine living on a floor higher then 2. I don’t like the 10th floor my dad and i visited at the hotel we’re staying at so there’s no way you’ll find me on the 94th floor. And there’s also no way you’ll find me hanging out in the glass overlook thingy that’s 103 stories up the sears (now the willis) tower. The glass overlook thingy is nuts, its essentially a glass box that hangs over the side of the building. Glass walls, glass ceiling and glass FLOOR. Yeah? No.
So tomorrow we hit the aquarium and ginos pizza. Ttyl folks.

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