Post 7

I’ve made some more decisions today while in the extreme heat of downtown chicago. So the first decision I made was that I would release my second single (which is yet to be decided) will be released on september 20.
Next, I set a date for the album to be released. The date (currently) is set for august 23. Again, I’m going into the studio august 2 but after that I’m going to try to add some other intruments using a computer program called mixcraft that you can try for free for 2 weeks! Don’t know if that’s considered cheating or not but ya know? They’re the ones who offer it for free. So. Anyways, that’s why the release date is two weeks later. Also I have to makesome decision on track listing and what songs I actually want of the album. Here are the 7 songs that will surely appear on the album (in no particular order):
1) wallflower
2) I want to sleep
3) last year
4) if you have to cry
5) be free
6) broken forest
7) I’m unsure

so, then there are three songs I’m not quite sure about and those are:
1) shadow
2) falling out of touch
3) tight rope

So, such dilemmas. Also the album is going to be self titled and I’m going to release the cover art with the cover art for “be free”.
Also sometime after the album comes out I’m going to release an ep of the demo versions of all the songs on the album.
Have a nice night friends. Also feel free to leave comments! I would love to hear your feedback!

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