Post 9: Wallflower

So many emotions!!!

first: frustration: bandcamp will not let me upload cover art! yay! (that was a sarcastic yay). for some reason my computer freezes when I try to upload the cover art for the release of “Be Free”. So, let the flash updating commence.

second: happiness: today, I bring you the first of a list of song lyrics that I will be releasing! yay! (thats a real yay) So the first song lyrics that I bring to you is a song by the name of “Wallflower”.


v1:the last thing that brings me up
is the first thing to bring me down
if you wanna move any faster
then jump onto moving ground
but my feet are here planted
a wallflower if you must
this whole thing has just ended
it has turned right into dust
chorus:so dry your eyes
clean up the mess
you left behind
cause you had to move faster
v2: i’m moving much faster than
i ever did before
it’s this thing that happens when
you’re feeling broken
so grab the key
and unlock the door
that unlocks your heart
and open it more

Okay so that was only 2 emotions but whatever. Tomorrow I’ll release another song’s lyrics!

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