Post 10: What a Day

Silly me. I forgot to post another song’s lyrics yesterday. Sorry about that. I also apologize for the fact that I’m not going to post any lyrics today either. It’s been a day. I’m just gonna leave it at that. SO, hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be able to get another songs lyrics posted.

Anyways. Technology hasnt been my friend lately. STILL I havent been able to upload album art for the “Be Free” pre-order on bandcamp. I updated flash, I updated Java, now the only thing to do is update to Internet Explorer 9.

Also, the library wants to charge me $27 for an unreturned book but the thing is, if they want to, the ought to make it easier to renew it without having to physically go to the library. I’ve tried calling, doesnt work, I’ve tried online, doenst work. UGGGHHH!

So this weekends goal is to get further into “Blink: The power to think without thinking”. The book is actually very facinating. And hopefully I’ll be able to figure out how to write a dialectical journal for my summer assignment for AP language. pleh.

I’ll try to stop complaining. I’m going into the studio on TUESDAY!!!! I’m so excited, so anxious, nervous, and a whole bunch of other feelings but most of all excited. I’ll blog after the experience to let you people know how it went and to keep you posted on album information.

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