Post 11: I Want to Sleep

Oh. My. God. This technology not working thing is really getting on my frickin nerves. I guess I’m going to have to strat using someone elses computer to upload stuff on bandcamp. That’ll be fun.

Anyways, I got a post full of fun (well, fun for me and hopefully fun for you) information regarding tracklisting and other releases.

So the first release after the album was going to be another single but that’s kind of a waste of time to me. So I’m going to release an EP of 6 demo versions of the songs on the album. I’m going to release that on September 20.

Next, on November 28, I’m going to release an EP consisting of 8 songs that didnt make it onto the album so when that date comes closer I’ll release more information on that.

Now for the tracklist for the album:

  1. I Want to Sleep
  2. Tight Rope
  3. Broken Forest
  4. Man
  5. Last Year
  6. I’m Unsure
  7. Falling Out of Touch
  8. Be Free
  9. Wallflower
  10. Shadow

So that is the FINAL tracklisting!!! Yaaay!

And now I’m going to post the lyrics to the opening song to the album called I Want to Sleep:

I Want to Sleep:

bring me some coffee in the morning/ kill me by this afternoon/ lay me to rest in the evening light/ keep me all to yourself/ keep
me from going to hell/ i see you from up above/ and you are not crying/ well it’s all right/ to shed no tears/ for me/ hey whats
going on/ i don’t really miss god/ i wanna sleep/ hey, i wanna breathe/ i wanna catch up on my sleep/ i don’t really miss god
i wanna breathe/ i wanna sleep


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