Post 12

Oh weather. One explicit thing I want to say to you. Because of the storms here in lovely minnesota have cause the date of my session to be pushed back to august 9th. Errrrgh! But don’t worry, everything will still be released on time. I’m not too upset because I would hate to be the client responsible for ruining thousands of dollars of damage to recording equipment.
It maybe will work out for the better though. I had a chance to become familiar with the studio and to meet Jim, the owner and engineer. I’m really excited to work with him because he’s so smart and experienced in the music world and the world of recording.
So because of the delay, I’m going to release the demo of “Wallflower” later today since the heavens (aka bandcamp support team) shined down upon me and gave me the solution to the aggrivating problem of not being able to upload anything. So, got that on fixed.
Also, I wanted to share with you how freakishy excited I am for the months of october-january! MUSIC OVERLOAD!
We’ve got releases from feist, coldplay, kimya dawson, coldplay, florence and the machine, and the gods of modern rock music…. EVANESCENCE.
Now, this is something most people don’t know about me is my love for all things evanescence. When I say all things, I mean ALL THINGS. I have probably every song they’ve ever released and there isn’t one that I don’t like. Amy lee (the lead singer for those who don’t know but should) has he most beautiful, haunting voices on. the. planet.
I’m also super excited for the cranberries! Bahhhh! Their earlier albums are pure genius. Their forth album I hate to say I can’t even listen to b/c its just not good but they got back on track with album 5. I’ve heared they’re going back to their roots for album 6 and I hope its true.
So anyways, can’t wait. I’m saving my money to buy the cds cause I’m oldskool. If that’s oldskool? Maybe. I dont know.
Also, I’m going to go over all my websites for you who don’t know:



So don’t forget, “Wallflower” demo out later today!

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