Post 15: I’m Unsure

So this post is brought to you on a very frustrating day of driving. First, on a 35 mph road, a minivan full of people decides “let’s go 10 miles an hour”. Idiots. So my dad honks the horn as any normal, sane driver would do, right? Mmhm. Well, the load of fun in front of us decideds that was rude and now they are only going to go 5 mph. Meanwhile, my dad has been on the horn for maybe 45 seconds straight and there is a line of probably 15 cars behind us. As if the rediculously slow speed wasnt enough, the woman in the passenger seat, presumably the idiots wife, flips us the bird. I hope she knows how cool I think she is.

So enough was enough and my dad used the left turn lane to get around them. Well they decided as we were passing them, “hey lets speed up so they cant get around us!”. That would’ve maybe worked if their defenition of speeding wasn’t 15 mph.

So, needless we got around him safely as did the other mess of cars behind us.

Moving on to other business, here are teh lyrics to quite possible one of my favorite songs appearing on the album, I’m Unsure.

I’m Unsure:

take it back/ I’m Unsure/ who said that/ but take it back/ watch your language/ sign correctly/ it’s a language/ learn it strangly/ it isnt hard to fit in the crowd/ take it back/ I’m unsure/ who said that/ but take it back.


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