Post 16

No lyrics today for you. Sorry, but I have to make them last until the album comes out.

I watched the finale of Platinum Hit this morning. Now, this show was a billion times better then I thought it was going to be. For those that have no clue what I’m talking about, Platinum Hit is a song writing competition. The songwriters are split into groups and are asked to write a song, a person from the team with the worst song is sent home.

I pretty much instantly became a fan of the show and the characters that appeared on it specifically Sonyae Elise. Of course, the show had the typical d-bag “villian” Nick who almost made me want to stop watching the show after winning a feature in Spin magazine. Whatever. Anyways. My favorite throughout the whole competiton (Sonyae) wrote some of the best songs including “Love Me to Life”, “Exit”, and “My Religion”.


For those who have watched the show but havent seen the winner, stop readin here.

The final three were such solid song writers and I was at a loss on how the judges were going to pick who won. They all had such good final songs but Sonyae’s “My Religion” beat out her competiton, much to my liking. She so deserved the win (so did the other two) but she was so consistant and if you can make me like a song about religion, you should win. Congrats to Sonyae. You can bet that I will be buying your albums in the future.

So, there’s 65 days until the release of “Evanescence”, the self titled album by, you guessed it, Evanescence. Needless to say, I cannot wait. Thank god that their first single is being released on tuesday (the same day as “Be Free”). Now, I just learned that they are going to be releasing a deluxe version of the album with a whopping 16 songs!!! This is so exciting. Hopefully it’ll be released the same time as the standard edition so I can buy the deluxe instead.

Also, I’ve added 2 new pages that you can view once you are done reading this post.

The first is a “links” page. This, once clicked, will lead you to a page featuring the facebook, and the bandcamp logo. You can click either of those to go directly to their corresponding page.

The second is a “releases” page. Here you can view the album art for all past, present and future releases.

I’ve also updated the “Album 1” page. It is now called “Hit the Low” and features the front and back cover art for the digital release of the album.

There will be a physical release but it will not be as professional as the digital art but will be a little more…. what’s the word…. personal (?) then the digital release. The physical orders will be processed and made not all together but as they are ordered. Make sense? Thought so.

Goodness, that was a lot of information. So I’ll include a funny cat picture to relax your mind after all that…


just so you know, lolcats have taken over my life.

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