Post 19: Shadow

Holy moly. Its been a busy day. First, my dad and I decided that we’d go on a simple trip to the bank and the library. We got to the bank, everything was all good. Next, the library.
To get the full effect, let’s start at the beginning. First, for school, we have summer reading, a book called Blink. This book is really fascinating and I only have 30 pages left. Now, the book is about 2 months overdue and I decide I should renew it, pay my fines and move on with my day. Little did I know that once I pay my fines and hand the librarian my book, I’m not getting it back. That’s right, 30 pages to read and 9 journal quote marked with post-its and they won’t give it back to me. I explain my situation and do they care? No. I have to say the woman was nice and she did what she could to find the book elsewhere but every copy was checked out. she found the book on cd and reserved it for me at another library. So I pop the cd into the computer and turned the cd off within 20 seconds.

The readers voice was so annoying and the begininng music, gag me. I couldnt stand it. Also, it would be impossible to find the quotes that I needed. So my only hope is borrowing the book from a friend that is taking the same class.

Then my mom and I went to kohls because they were having a big sale. We split up, my mom going to the shoes, me going to the pants. I find nothing of interest so I go to find my mom. Where do I find her? Hidden in the kitchen isle with a stack of not one, not two, not three, but thirty six scratch cards that she had nabbed from the cashier counter. They were all 15% off so she decided that they weren’t good enough so she used her expired 30% off card she got in the mail. We got three nice shirts for 14 dollars. Not a bad trip.

Next on the list was Kwik Trip, we got a tub of ice cream, 2 bananas and a cookie…. FREE. That was also fun.

So now I sit at the computer, blogging away as I realise that I haven’t really promoted my first single as well as I should be. I don’t even have the lyrics up yet. So here they are:


the water’s to your knees/ you’re begging screaming please/ as the shadow watches on/ as your drowning/ in the web that you spun/ and the lies that you told/ with your mouth ziped shut/ you can’t take it back/and as your lungs fill with water/ and your mind fills with hate/ that shadow’s watching on/ as you’re drowning/ i can’t help but watch/ as you’re filling up with hate/ that is eminating from/ all the people you made/ hate you/ and you can’t believe/ that no one will help/ as you’re walking to your grave/ as you’re drowning/ in the web that you spun/ in the lies that you told/ i won’t believe you no more/ and just watch you drown

I would love it if you guys as my fans would choose to download the song instead of just listen to it. It’s free and all you have to do is put in your email. Your email address isnt given to anyone else but me and you wont get bombarded with emails. I PROMISE. So click here to go to my bandcamp page and DOWNLOAD “Shadow”. Later, I’ll release a physical EP that you will be able to buy for 50 cents with a buck shipping that will feature 4 songs.

Anyways, have a wonderful rest of the weekend. As for mine, I’m going to start reading “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair (not excited) and watch another episode of Lost (I just started watching it)!


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