Post 21

First, I’d like to start off this post to remember the five lives who were lost at the Indiana State Fair when a stage collapsed. All of my thoughts go out to the families of those lives that were lost.

Second, I’d like to say R.I.P to Phoebe the family fish. She passed away presumably last night. She lived a good, three year long life, which for a fish is extremely long. She will be missed.

Third, on a lighter note, Danielle (from Big Brother) made possibly on of the stupidest (or smartest, I have to figure that out) moves of the game by not nominating Brendan and/or Rachel for eviction. We’ll see how this one turns out but for now I’m not happy about it. Hopefully Brenden and Rachel will actually do something smart for themselves and keep true on their word with Danielle.

And tonight brings the 2nd episode of the ever-so-classy Bachelor Pad. Personally, I’m routing for Erica Rose. Vienna is a heartless, spineless, manipulative, evil, demon creature that looks like Bert from Sesame Street. You can see the resemblance below (just add a uni-brow to Vienna):

Next on the list of things to cover is the second single release. Since the album isn’t going to come out until (most likely) early 2012, I’ve decided to release a second single which is (my favorite song off the album) “I’m Unsure”. The song diverts from the piano ballad type of music that I do and is roughly recorded, a way that I want it. That single will be put up on bandcamp on September 13th. Album art to come soon. I have, so far, two covers made up so I might have people get involved and vote for the cover they want to see for the single.

I feel like there needs to be another cat picture to sign me off for the day (or next couple days, whenever I get to another post).

Also, youtube won’t let me put this on my blog but this song is STUNNING. Check it out. Enya- Only Time

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