Post 24

So it’s Monday once again. Woo! Not. But hey, you get to listen to another one of my songs!!! Woo! For real!

Today marks the release of the second single from my first album “Hit the Low” as well as the EP “Mental Breakdown” which comes out in September.

Now, what was released as the single is the shorter, 3 minute single version. This is not the version that will appear on the EP or the album. There are 3 versions of the song. One being the final version. The second being the quieter, more raw version. The third and final being the single version. Which is a shorter cut of the raw, second version. So, either way. Enjoy.

Like I said earlier, with the full download of the whole single, you will get a digital lyric booklet and a new addition… a FREE extra song. BUT only if you download the album! So don’t miss out!

I’ll be back tomorrow with all the tv gossip and thoughts that I have!

AND! Check out the lyrics section for the lyrics for the song “Man”.

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