Post 25: Why are people so stupid?

I am so dumb founded at how STUPID the contestants of bachelor pad are. It’s just so so so so so so DUMB that people (mainly Kirk as he was the swing vote) don’t understand that if they don’t vote Kermit and Bert (Kasey and Vienna) out now that they are going to win the game! Those two make me want to punt kick small creatures.It astounds me that people don’t realize that they are playing a game and that the excuse of not wanting to upset Kasey is so dumb!

So, now I want to devote a whole paragraph to listing off all the things I hate about Kasey.

  • He sounds like Kermit the Frog
  • When he sings (which he did last night) he sounds like Kermit the Frog impersonating the Back Street Boys.
  • He looks like a toddler with a six pack
  • He acts like a toddler with a six pack
  • He is stupid enough to be with Vienna (the wicked witch of the land)
  • He is stupid enough to think Vienna wants to be with him

That was him singing on the bachelorette, not bachelor pad, but it is still as bad. I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.

Moving on. So, I decided that it is time to get people involved with this blog because I want to be sure that people are actually reading it. Ya know? To do this, I’m going to create a poll! Yay!!!

Don’t forget to check out my new single “I’m Unsure” from the album and from the Mental Breakdown EP! It’s out on Bandcamp right now for FREE! Plus, when you download it, you’ll get all sorts of goodies!

Tomorrow night on Big Brother 13, the veto will be played and I’m so excited to see who wins and what will happen with the nominations! Also, Thursday is a DOUBLE EVICTION night.

For the past 9 seasons that I’ve seen of this show, it never seems to fail that my favorite person goes home. so my fingers are crossed that my favorite (Danielle, Kalia, or Jordan) doesn’t go bye bye. If you ask me, Rachel needs so go home. But she needed to go home 7 weeks ago.

Have a nice night, guys! I’ll talk you you all later!

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