Post 27: I’m Baaaaack!

Hey there. I’m back and this time is probably the last time as a solo artist. That may sound like bad news but, trust me, it isnt.

The month or so that I’ve taken “off” have been used to form a band. Yes, a band. It is complete!!! I have a lyricist/piano player and a guitar player plus me, the lyricist/piano player/vocalist.

I’m really excited to get this going here!!! Our first band meeting is on monday and that’s where we are going to finalize the name and start working on creating some killer music. Right now, it’s looking like the name is going to be “SHATTERGLASS”.

I’m not sure if I’m¬†going to be¬†releasing the Mental Breakdown EP as a sort of… farewell to solo artistry (hopefully). I’ll get back to everyone on that release.

I’ll also let you know when we get some web pages and social networking support on SHATTERGLASS (if that’s what we’re going to be called).

So, sit tight, all will be decided after monday…… most likely.