Post 32: Mental Breakdown

Yesterday I released Mental Breakdown EP. YAAY! Head over to Bandcamp and download your copy for free! Or, if you’re feeling generous, you could pay me. Whatever floats your boat. Anyways, the EP contains 5 tracks which are demos of 4 different songs (I Want to Sleep and I Don’t Really Miss God being two versions of the same song). These were songs that I decided didn’t fit into “The Rebels” album which comes out January 10, 2012.

Today I began the true process of writing a record. I sat at the piano and busted out 2 rough demos of songs that I’ve had written for quite some time (“Back of the Room” and “I Want to Sleep”) and re-wrote a song that I came up with probably over a year ago and created some really good music to go along with. The Working title of that song is “Stay With You”. I”m excited to really get moving on this project and recording a great batch of new songs to release in spring! Obviously I will keep you up to date on how the recording process is going probably once a week since that’s about the frequency in which I can get into the piano rooms!

Don’t forget to go download your (free) copy of Mental Breakdown EP. Also, mark your calendars for January 10th for the release of The Rebels!!!


Post 31

I’m going to try and do this on a regular basis again, forgive me if I don’t. 😀

Today I went into the practice rooms and started to lay out a plan for some new songs and what I want to accomplish. I really want this album to be the most polished that I can get it and I’m really excited for it to be released even before I’ve started the recording process.

I really want the album to show how much I’ve grown as an artist. I used to use two to three chords and just play them over and over and over again and add words to them. I feel like with a real piano, I can accomplish the sound that I really want….. and not revert to the same chords. VARIETY!

So now that I’ve gotten into my goals. It’s time to talk music. HOLY GOD is the Evanescence album an epic. It is sooooo good. I can’t even describe how amazing I think it is.

Then came music over load with the release of Ceremonials by Florence + the Machine AND Nightlife by Phantogram.

Both albums are so solid and just quite honestly some of the best music I’ve heard in a while.

With all these releases, sadly, Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto got put on the back burner. I did listen to the front half of the album which was okay at most, not their best work. I really enjoyed the tracks “Charlie Brown” and “Us Against the World”. They were the solid tracks that I listened to. I wasn’t too fond of the three :45 second songs they included. The seemed to break up the flow.

That’s really all I have for you guys today. I will be back…. sometime this week.

Post 30: Updates, Updates, Updates!!!

This upcoming January, I will be releasing “The Rebels”, my first full album. I guess I cannot really consider it my first “studio album” because only 2 of the 12 songs were recorded in a studio. BUT FEAR NOT! My first studio album WILL be coming out in the late spring/ early summer… which ever season you consider it to be. Now, whether or not you call where I’m recoding it a studio, it’s still going to be recorded to a better quality than the songs being released on “The Rebels”. I’ve also decided to weed out 3 of the songs on “The Rebels” as they may be released on the upcoming second album where their quality will really meet their “greatness”.

Now for more info on the second album…

I will be recording the album in the nice and cozy piano practice booths in my high school for my senior project (a year long project to be completed by seniors). This area will hopefully create a nice sound especially when i get a computer microphone! I will maybe record vocals in the space too but most likely they will be recorded in the space under the stairs… there’s not much echo there.

So, here’s to the following release dates!

  • November 15th (THIS COMING TUESDAY!): Mental Breakdown EP
  • January 10th, 2012: The Rebels
  • June 2012: Second Album