Post 30: Updates, Updates, Updates!!!

This upcoming January, I will be releasing “The Rebels”, my first full album. I guess I cannot really consider it my first “studio album” because only 2 of the 12 songs were recorded in a studio. BUT FEAR NOT! My first studio album WILL be coming out in the late spring/ early summer… which ever season you consider it to be. Now, whether or not you call where I’m recoding it a studio, it’s still going to be recorded to a better quality than the songs being released on “The Rebels”. I’ve also decided to weed out 3 of the songs on “The Rebels” as they may be released on the upcoming second album where their quality will really meet their “greatness”.

Now for more info on the second album…

I will be recording the album in the nice and cozy piano practice booths in my high school for my senior project (a year long project to be completed by seniors). This area will hopefully create a nice sound especially when i get a computer microphone! I will maybe record vocals in the space too but most likely they will be recorded in the space under the stairs… there’s not much echo there.

So, here’s to the following release dates!

  • November 15th (THIS COMING TUESDAY!): Mental Breakdown EP
  • January 10th, 2012: The Rebels
  • June 2012: Second Album

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