Post 37: Take It Lightly

Like i had stated previously, I was thinking about releasing “Take it Lightly” as the first single from my first studio album. And that’s what I’m going to do. I made the cover(s) today and they are below. I can’t decide if I like the one with the writing on it or if I just like it simple with the small title on the top. I’m leaning more towards the one with the big writing. Let me know what you think by commenting:

The single is going to be released onto my Bandcamp page on April 30th which is a Monday! SO MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Also, you may have noticed that the menu up top is a little different. The “Music” tab takes you directly to my bandcamp page and the facebook tab takes you right to my facebook page! I’ve added an about page and soon I’m gonna add a “Photos” page!

Today, I will hopefully have my album cover shoot and when those are all done and edited, they’ll be up for the world to see! I’m so excited! Underwater, here I come!


Post 36: Potential Single? Maybe!

Hey peeps. I got back into the piano rooms AGAIN yesterday. I think I need to take a break from them because I’m starting to lose a bit of inspiration or whatever you want to call it.

I recorded 3 songs:

  • The Things You’ve Said
  • One and Only
  • Take It Lightly

I am thinking that maybe take it lightly will be the lead single from the album but I don’t know when it will be released or if I’ll even put it online.

Next weekend I’m going to do my absolute best to get my album cover shot because I really want to see it come into being and I wanna play around with making it exactly how I want to be. I also had an idea for the album sleeve which I’m going to put together and see how it goes.

Some more news on the album release:

My friends are having an art show and they’ve agreed to let me sell my album there. So, that’s going to serve as the official physical release for the album and then it will be released online the following week. Hopefully their art show works out because I’m really looking forward to having a platform to release my hard work!

In other news, today, the War in Iraq officially ended today. I kind of wonder though what that means. Because we still have troops in the country. I know we are getting them out but I question whether or not this is just something the government is doing to give us all some sort of perception that it’s all really over.

I’m not complaining because I think it’s great. It’s about time this thing has ended. So many lives have been lost and I’m so thankful to all the people that gave their life and time to fight for this country. YOU are the ones that allow me to be able to sit down here and tell everyone about my music. YOU are the ones that let me play my music. YOU are the ones that let everyone in this country live freely so I and everyone else should take some time and appreciate the people that give us the life we have today.

Post 35: Something I Thought I Published

Well…. A while ago I thought I had published a post containing gossip and updates but I guess I accidentally saved it as a draft instead of publishing it. So here is post 35:

“Can you say anti-climatic? I can! Yes, my guilty pleasure is antm and for those of you who don’t want to know who “won” don’t read anymore.

So, Lisa’s big “win” was probably the least excited and fake I’ve ever seen someone. Why? Well, rewind a little bit and we learn AFTER production had wrapped someone, namely Anglea, leaked some information so she was therefore disqualified and the final judging had to be retaped. Now, who actually won the series is unknown. It could’ve been anglea but then she was disquaified or it could’ve been Lisa in the first place who jut couldn’t find a second round of happiness in her. Whatever, allison should’ve won regardless. Lisa just wanted the publicity for her music career as La Puchinita whatever that means.

Also, I caught up on my real housewives of beverly hills and all I can say is… “we’re and evolved species!” Good freaking lord tese women are such a mess. My heart goes out to taylor armstron and everthing but jesus, pull it together on camera….. or don’t, cause as we all know, self destructing middle age women fighting with drunk middle aged women brings the ratings.

Moving on, today I recorded a demo of a new song called “Break Though Time” today, right on track with where I want to be!!! :)”

So. End Post 35. Some more updates on top of those updates:

I was planning to get the “photo shoot” for the album cover done this week but my photographer has the flu. So that’s going to be delayed. I also got three songs recorded for demos yesterday and I’m right on track with where I want to be. I want to hopefully have 18 songs to choose from and in the end I will have 11 final tracks on the album. I’m planning to get back into the piano rooms tomorrow so I hope I can create some great new material.

Songs so far:

  • Be Free
  • Rumor
  • Break Through Time
  • Stay With You
  • I Want to Sleep
  • Back of the Room

6 down, 12 to go. More updates soon to come when the album cover is shot! I can’t wait to release this album, it’s long overdue.

Post 34

In case y’all haven’t seen my recent facebook post, I WILL NOT be releasing “the rebels” in january as the mental breakdown ep hasn’t proved to be too popular. So, I’m going to release the tracks that would be on “the rebels” album as bonus tracks on a deluxe version of my very first studio album.

Speaking of the first album… it’s coming along really good! I’ve got so far 4 songs planned out for the album. Now I’m just going to re write them until they’re near perfect (something I don’t often do) and then record them once I have the right equipment.

I’ve also got a really amazing idea for the cover. It involves 2 things. Water and glitter. I’m so excited for it and I’m crossing my finger it plays out as amazing as I’m envisioning it.

Also, about the previous post, it’s for a scholarship and feel free to comment with your opinions. I’m a little disappointed with it though because I don’t think I thought it through all the way.

Sorry about the yet again delayed release but I promise you, you will be seeing both a physical AND digital release of my very first, debut studio album in june of 2011.

Post 33: Our Biggest Political Problem

Although it’s only 2011 (close to 2012) and the presidential elections aren’t for another 9 months, this country really needs to get it’s priorities straight, well, as straight as we can. There are so many issues with “the land of the free” if I listed them all you’d be here reading this until it’s time to vote, then you’d come home and finish reading the list.

To me, the biggest problem facing this country today is the big, dirty, hush hush topic also known as immigration. I personally don’t get why everyone gets themselves in this big huff when the topic comes up because it is one of our biggest problems.

I say “problem” but I don’t think immigration is a problem. People say that the Mexicans are stealing their jobs and they are putting our economy in the state it’s in now. Well, that’s not true. The jobs that Mexicans have (the illegal ones that is) are the ones that us Americans are much too proud (or lazy) to take; the ones that require 12 hours of hard labor or just down right foul, disgusting conditions. Then there are the ones that are legal (maybe even illegal, too) that are working office jobs, or maybe at a fast food restaurant or retail, whatever. Those guys, well, they got the job because they were simply better then you were, and how is that our problem? Because some immigrant got the new fry cook postion over you we’re supposed to deport them. Sorry, no.

My proposal, or solution to this problem is that we need to make it easier to get into this country. America has sort of become the mean girl in high school: we are always in everyone else’s business, and we will only let certain people into our “clique”. To me, it seems like, eventually, once it becomes easier to get into the country, there will be less illegal immigrants, less money spent on trying to find them, and less money on getting them out of the country all for most of them to turn around and start their journey to the wonderful United States once again.

To make it easier to get into this country, the process to citizenship should be streamlined. The test that people have to take now-a-days to be granted citizenship to this country was failed by 38% of AMERICANS in a study done by NewsWeek (you can find the link below). I have a hard time believing that this test is fair for give to immigrants if Americans can’t even pass it.

There’s no way it can be so extremely hard to cut some slack on the people trying to move to our country to get out of the bad situation that they are in. I mean, aren’t we all immigrants?’t-pass-citizenship-test_6185710

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