Post 33: Our Biggest Political Problem

Although it’s only 2011 (close to 2012) and the presidential elections aren’t for another 9 months, this country really needs to get it’s priorities straight, well, as straight as we can. There are so many issues with “the land of the free” if I listed them all you’d be here reading this until it’s time to vote, then you’d come home and finish reading the list.

To me, the biggest problem facing this country today is the big, dirty, hush hush topic also known as immigration. I personally don’t get why everyone gets themselves in this big huff when the topic comes up because it is one of our biggest problems.

I say “problem” but I don’t think immigration is a problem. People say that the Mexicans are stealing their jobs and they are putting our economy in the state it’s in now. Well, that’s not true. The jobs that Mexicans have (the illegal ones that is) are the ones that us Americans are much too proud (or lazy) to take; the ones that require 12 hours of hard labor or just down right foul, disgusting conditions. Then there are the ones that are legal (maybe even illegal, too) that are working office jobs, or maybe at a fast food restaurant or retail, whatever. Those guys, well, they got the job because they were simply better then you were, and how is that our problem? Because some immigrant got the new fry cook postion over you we’re supposed to deport them. Sorry, no.

My proposal, or solution to this problem is that we need to make it easier to get into this country. America has sort of become the mean girl in high school: we are always in everyone else’s business, and we will only let certain people into our “clique”. To me, it seems like, eventually, once it becomes easier to get into the country, there will be less illegal immigrants, less money spent on trying to find them, and less money on getting them out of the country all for most of them to turn around and start their journey to the wonderful United States once again.

To make it easier to get into this country, the process to citizenship should be streamlined. The test that people have to take now-a-days to be granted citizenship to this country was failed by 38% of AMERICANS in a study done by NewsWeek (you can find the link below). I have a hard time believing that this test is fair for give to immigrants if Americans can’t even pass it.

There’s no way it can be so extremely hard to cut some slack on the people trying to move to our country to get out of the bad situation that they are in. I mean, aren’t we all immigrants?’t-pass-citizenship-test_6185710

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3 thoughts on “Post 33: Our Biggest Political Problem

  1. Its not that they take the jobs. Its because they get paid under the table and don’t pay taxes. Then illegal aliens take star and federal money. Also its against the law and we are a nation of laws. It should be hard as hell to get citizenship to our great country. Look at France and its concept of easy immigration. When its easy there is no incentive to simulate thus our culture suffers. Example is France dealing with shria law in its own country. What you write brings to mind the saying “Be careful what you ask for or you may get it”

  2. I totally agree with you, Zack, The politicians need to read the words on the Statue of Liberty to remind them what this country is all about and how it took in almost all of us at one time. The illegals might get paid under the table but they cannot get federal money if they are illegal. If they work and pay taxes they still can’t claim SS. They are mostly good people who work hard and pay their bills and deserve the chance this country can give them. Send them all back and see how it effects our economy. I truly believe it’s a disgrace how the government is taking a stand against the Mexicans. Of course, the government is being pretty inefficient in everything they do.

    • Sending them back is probably not a real option but they did break the law. There are three sets of foreign aliens. First are the ones that wait years, learn our language, cross the border legally and then EARN citizenship. Second are the ones that are born here either illegal or not. Third are the ones we are talking about that do not follow the law. It’s not a Mexican problem it’s an illegal alien problem no matter the country of origin.
      Hard workers yes, do jobs most Anglo Americans would not yes, mostly honest yes, looking for a better life for their family yes, worthy of our way of life yes, should follow the law yes. If you don’t agree with the law you don’t break it you change it. If you do not have the ability to change it then you suck it up and follow it. No one and I mean no one to include the all mighty said life was fair.
      Our country, regardless of our current administrations feelings, is exceptional. There has to be a sense of sacrifice the few for the many or we will lose this way of life. A person that says they should all just be let in as all they want (they is any nationality not just Mexican) is a better life for themselves and their family’s will not feel that way over time. As your culture and your way of life is threatened to be their way of life, when customs that traditionally are American no longer are American, when English is no longer the spoken language, that person would not feel the same way of open the boarders.
      There must be a sacrifice by those seeking citizenship in order for our born right of citizenship to mean anything. If this thought process is not taken seriously we no longer will be the Nation that we are.
      I will never and I teach my kids to never think of myself before God, Country, and family. Our country has lost its way but there are a few of us that are trying to get back on track. It’s not about me or you it’s about what is best for the majority of the people and our countries way of life. If anyone is wondering what that is called it’s the Constitution of the United States of America!

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