Post 34

In case y’all haven’t seen my recent facebook post, I WILL NOT be releasing “the rebels” in january as the mental breakdown ep hasn’t proved to be too popular. So, I’m going to release the tracks that would be on “the rebels” album as bonus tracks on a deluxe version of my very first studio album.

Speaking of the first album… it’s coming along really good! I’ve got so far 4 songs planned out for the album. Now I’m just going to re write them until they’re near perfect (something I don’t often do) and then record them once I have the right equipment.

I’ve also got a really amazing idea for the cover. It involves 2 things. Water and glitter. I’m so excited for it and I’m crossing my finger it plays out as amazing as I’m envisioning it.

Also, about the previous post, it’s for a scholarship and feel free to comment with your opinions. I’m a little disappointed with it though because I don’t think I thought it through all the way.

Sorry about the yet again delayed release but I promise you, you will be seeing both a physical AND digital release of my very first, debut studio album in june of 2011.

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