Post 35: Something I Thought I Published

Well…. A while ago I thought I had published a post containing gossip and updates but I guess I accidentally saved it as a draft instead of publishing it. So here is post 35:

“Can you say anti-climatic? I can! Yes, my guilty pleasure is antm and for those of you who don’t want to know who “won” don’t read anymore.

So, Lisa’s big “win” was probably the least excited and fake I’ve ever seen someone. Why? Well, rewind a little bit and we learn AFTER production had wrapped someone, namely Anglea, leaked some information so she was therefore disqualified and the final judging had to be retaped. Now, who actually won the series is unknown. It could’ve been anglea but then she was disquaified or it could’ve been Lisa in the first place who jut couldn’t find a second round of happiness in her. Whatever, allison should’ve won regardless. Lisa just wanted the publicity for her music career as La Puchinita whatever that means.

Also, I caught up on my real housewives of beverly hills and all I can say is… “we’re and evolved species!” Good freaking lord tese women are such a mess. My heart goes out to taylor armstron and everthing but jesus, pull it together on camera….. or don’t, cause as we all know, self destructing middle age women fighting with drunk middle aged women brings the ratings.

Moving on, today I recorded a demo of a new song called “Break Though Time” today, right on track with where I want to be!!! :)”

So. End Post 35. Some more updates on top of those updates:

I was planning to get the “photo shoot” for the album cover done this week but my photographer has the flu. So that’s going to be delayed. I also got three songs recorded for demos yesterday and I’m right on track with where I want to be. I want to hopefully have 18 songs to choose from and in the end I will have 11 final tracks on the album. I’m planning to get back into the piano rooms tomorrow so I hope I can create some great new material.

Songs so far:

  • Be Free
  • Rumor
  • Break Through Time
  • Stay With You
  • I Want to Sleep
  • Back of the Room

6 down, 12 to go. More updates soon to come when the album cover is shot! I can’t wait to release this album, it’s long overdue.

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