41: One Song Down w/ Some More Progress

So I sit here listening to Lana Del Rey’s new album Born to Die. One word: FABULOUS. She’s that artist that comes around scarcely that is sooo polarizing: you seem to either love her or hate her. Yes, she bombed SNL but that was one performance and yeah she came from a rich family but that’s not what’s propelled her to this type of stardom. No. She did it herself.

More importantly, I finished one song. Finished meaning fully recorded, fully mixed and fully ready to be released on the album which comes out on June 4. The song I’ve finished is “Take It Lightly” which will be released on April 30 as the second from the single from my debut album. “Shadow”, the first single is available to download here.

Lately I’ve been practicing in the piano rooms and I’ve come up with some good new material that I think will make it on the album.

One of the songs which is tentatively called “What Am I?” is about that struggle of finding who you really are and then showing that person to the world. The other few songs are currently just melodies that I will work on developing here in the next few weeks.

I’ve also come back to a really old song called “Tara” that is…. just weird, part of my darker writing style, along the lines as “I Want to Sleep”. I’ve been having a little trouble even seeing where this whole project is going to I’m as excited to see how this thing turns out as you are. Again, the final product will be 10-12 songs. Here is the list of tracks that WILL appear:

  1. Take It Lightly
  2. Shadow
  3. Be Free
  4. Back of the Room
  5. Break Through Time (tentative title)

So that’s it for today, I’ll be back sometime soon with some more news!!!! ttfn

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