51: I’m Out Of Clever Titles

So I finished “In The Sky” today and I’m really liking it which isn’t usual because I’m so self critical. I think I’m going to start working on “Despite Them” next. I really like the song, not to toot my own horn. Well, yeah, to toot my own horn I love the song.

I like the message that no one should be able to change the person you are. Fighting the system isn’t something to be afraid of. Seriously, fight it. Be yourself. I love that in today’s society being a little bit different is more accepted than it used to be. Except then you are labeled a hipster. And that’s another story. I hate the word hipster.

Anyways, I’m sitting here listening to the new Civil Twilight album “Holy Weather” and I’m really liking it. It’s soooo different than their first album but they’ve taken it to a new level of good. There haven’t been any real standouts like on “Civil Twilight” but it’s just my first listen and I tend to be someone that needs more then one listen to really feel the vibe of something.

That being said, remember when I said that “Bury the Hatchet” by The Cranberries was an unlistenable album. Boy, was I wrong. There’s a few songs that are skip worthy but the album has a lot of really strong songs that I didn’t give the time of day which I am disappointed in because they are great!!!!!

So down here you can listen to my first single from “Zackery Wilson”:

p.s. I’m going to keep posting this thing up there because I want this to get out to everyone it possibly can!!!!



This is my 50th post. Crazy. I know. Over the course of ALMOST one whole year, I’ve managed to post on here 50 times. That’s pretty good considering I tend to get with things pretty quick and easy. Not here though. Once I realized that I have somewhat of a following I guess I thought I probably shouldn’t just abandon this.

I’m halfway finished with my sixth song in total, fifth song that’ll be on the album. It’s called “In The Sky”. That song and “Maybe I’m Broken” go hand in hand as one song is from a certain persons viewpoint on a situation and then “Maybe I’m Broken” is from another person’s viewpoint. I’m pretty proud of the two songs. I’ve got to edit the vocal track of the song and polish it up a little and then it’ll be finished. So after that’s finished up I will have almost half of the album completed!!!


  1. Take It Lightly
  2. Be Free
  3. Shadow
  4. Maybe I’m Broken
  5. In the Sky


  1. Sleep
  2. Those Times
  3. Despite Them
  4. Back of the Room
  5. What Am I?

I think I’ve got myself on a good schedule. Also, good news. I’ve found someone that’s willing to put her talent of playing violin and drums to use. I REALLY hope that it works out because that would add some type of something more to the album. I’m going to do everything in my power to get some of that going on in the album!

So now I’m going to talk about the Amazing Race. Vanessa is a gross person on the inside. And you know that you don’t someone when you don’t like that they made fun of Rachel. Yes. Rachel. She’s back if you haven’t heard or seen The Amazing Race 20.

Rachel was a contestant on big brother 12 and the winner of Big Brother 13. She and her husband or whatever who is also from Big Brother, Brenden, are competing together. I talked about the two frequently during the summer. They’ve made for some good Amazing Race drama what with threatening to leave Brenden and quit the whole show just because she couldn’t taste Salami anymore.

Anyways, this girl Vanessa keeps picking on Rachel for no apparent reason. Maybe she’s jealous of Rachel’s fame? Maybe she see’s Rachel as weak and easy prey. Well she must have not seen Big Brother because if anyone fights back, it’s Rachel. And it looks like that’s what will happen next week in and airport. God, I want Vanessa and her tool boyfriend Ralph (yeah, Ralph) to go home.

Quick jump back to music!!!!! Don’t forget that my single, “Take It Lightly” is available for download (it’s free) and you can listen to it right down below.

49: ALMOST 50!

HOLY BAGOLEEEE! I was able to go to The Hunger Games preview last night with my fabulous mother. She won the tickets and the movie was so great. So beyond expectations. Everything that I thought should have been included in the film was and there was even extra stuff that wasn’t in the book like the perspective of the gamemakers which added such an interesting aspect. Anyways. I just thought I’d like to brag about how i saw it TWO DAYS BEFORE ANYONE ELSE!!!!!! 😛

Next topic. Survivor: One World. There will be spoilers. So prepare yourself to move OFF of this page if you haven’t seen the episode or read on if you have and want to hear my thoughts.

I’m singing and dancing right now that the meanest, most vile, disgusting, hateful, ugly (inside and out), revolting, putrid, vomit inducing, slimy, grimy,  piggish, FOOL is finally off the show. Yes, Colton, I’m talking about YOU! When your appendix decided he could no longer stand to be in your fowl body anymore, he decided to make a run for it, taking you with it. I’m sure your appendix is much happier in a jar than in you.

I’ve NEVER in my years of watching Survivor hated anyone so much as I’ve hated this childish boy. Why you may ask? Hmmm, he’s RACIST, ENTITLED, CONCEITED, DISGUSTING, HATEFUL, AND DOWN RIGHT MAKES ME WANT TO THROW UP ALL OVER HIS FACE AND HOPE MY STOMACH ACID BURNS HIS FACE OFF. “Tell us how you really feel” you might be asking. I did. This is a person who basically said that the only black people he associates with are the ones that clean his house and that basically because everything has been handed to him, that someone who wants to pursue stand up comedy, shouldn’t associate themselves with him. He then proceeded to single out the “weakest” person, Christina, on the tribe and along with his side kick, Alecia, bully her like two middle school girls hell bent on ruining someones lives.

Dear Colton,

While you were bent over crying because your stomach was hurting, WHO RAN TO GET THE MEDICAL TEAM? Christina. WHO RUBBED YOUR HEAD WHEN IT HURT? Christina. I’d like you to know that while your insides were bursting, I felt no pity. To use an old saying “Karma is a bitch.” so are you. I hope you have no friends after you leave the show because you deserve a life of solitude.

Hate is all I have for this p.o.s excuse for a human being.

OH WAIT! I just learned. He didn’t have appendicitis. He had a severe bacterial infection in his stomach. I guess the bacteria were just flocking to their own kind.

Anyways. The show probably won’t be as interesting anymore and the producers are probably upset that their main source of drama/ratings is now gone. But we still have Alecia.

In other TV “news”, “The River” just had it’s season finale on tuesday and I’m angry that I wasn’t able to flip my TV on and contribute to their poor ratings. The show is really really good. One of the best shows since The Walking Dead started in 2010. The acting is really good and they don’t focus on SCARY SCARY SCARY as much as they try to develop the characters. It makes for a great show. I don’t think it’ll be renewed by ABC which makes me sad but Netflix is in talks of picking it up which would be fabulous.

So, that’s it for that long little rant about DISGUST. Thanks for reading.

47: Download My Single For FREEEEE

WOAH!!!! NEW SONG ONLINE NOWWW! CHECK IT OUT HERE! You won’t regret it! This is the song you’ve heard me blab so much about! So go check it out!!!!!!!!! HURRRY! But don’t hurt yourself. It’ll be there for a while. You can download it for FREE and not many things are free anymore so that’s a perk. I mean…. how hard is it to click here and listen to a 4 minute song… maybe even enter your email and get it on your iPod or other mp3 device. I know it’s not that difficult. So try it. Ready? Set.

GO (i wish there was a way to make this bigger….) But seriously. Go check it out. Don’t make me beg. Goodnight.


Holy cow. I just read the hunger games in seriously two days. Not even. It was soooo good. I believe I just found my next Harry Potter. (it’s not really comparable but you know what I mean). Book 2 is on the way from amazon. I CAN’T WAIT.

I also got The Cranberries CD, Roses, in the mail on saturday. I’m thoroughly impressed. I was nervous as Bury the Hatchet was not even listenable and Wake Up and Smell the Coffee was just okay. Roses has gotten luke warm reviews at best but seriously after 11 years (more than half of my life) of not releasing any material this is a solid album. They were really able to harbor some of their really amazing 90s sound but infuse some new modern aspects. I don’t expect the album to fly off the shelves but whatever. I love them.

Yesterday I finished “Be Free” and I’m happy. This was a bit of a pain. I finally had to take it for what it was because I know I’m never going to be fully happy with what I produce. Anyways. It’s pretty long for me… 5:03 compared to the 3 or so minutes the first version and the second version were. I like the beginning most. There’s a little reverse effect going on in there.

I wanna talk about American Idol… and Chris Brown. And Rihanna. Seriously. If those two make their first public appearance on that show. I will not be watching. It’s a disgrace to this country that we ALLOW for a “man” and the woman that he beat up to appear together on a FAMILY SHOW. Those who allow this should be punched in the face (sorta like chris brown did to rihanna). It’s just disgusting. It makes me want to vomit down chris brown’s throat.

We’re gonna let a man that did this to a woman back on television. I want to move to canada.

45: Artwork and Opinions

Hey there. Here’s the inside of the album that I told you would be up today. If you read the lyrics… you’ll find a swear word. I’m almost an adult.. i don’t think it’s too much of a big deal, plus it’s artistic liberty. I’ll censor it for my project.

I took that picture myself. I really like it.

Anyways. Time for opinions.

First is my opinion on the new Memoryhouse album. All I have to say is good job. The album is a really good debut from the band and they deserve every bit of fame that this album brings them.

Second is on Survivor: One World. Girls… you’re embarrassing to watch. Yeah, you won two challenges in a row but honestly. Get it together. Finally though, the guys lost and it pretty much ripped their pretty little tribe in pieces. You might even say they’re more dramatic than the girls. Mr. Colton is gonna find himself in a really tough position when he gets too big of a head and everyone turns on him. As for Matt. See ya. He was pissed because he’s strong, pretty and has probably never been told no in his life. So i feel no pity.

Short blog today. No more opinions. Gotta go watch the top chef finale. If Sarah wins over Paul… I quit.