45: Artwork and Opinions

Hey there. Here’s the inside of the album that I told you would be up today. If you read the lyrics… you’ll find a swear word. I’m almost an adult.. i don’t think it’s too much of a big deal, plus it’s artistic liberty. I’ll censor it for my project.

I took that picture myself. I really like it.

Anyways. Time for opinions.

First is my opinion on the new Memoryhouse album. All I have to say is good job. The album is a really good debut from the band and they deserve every bit of fame that this album brings them.

Second is on Survivor: One World. Girls… you’re embarrassing to watch. Yeah, you won two challenges in a row but honestly. Get it together. Finally though, the guys lost and it pretty much ripped their pretty little tribe in pieces. You might even say they’re more dramatic than the girls. Mr. Colton is gonna find himself in a really tough position when he gets too big of a head and everyone turns on him. As for Matt. See ya. He was pissed because he’s strong, pretty and has probably never been told no in his life. So i feel no pity.

Short blog today. No more opinions. Gotta go watch the top chef finale. If Sarah wins over Paul… I quit.

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