Holy cow. I just read the hunger games in seriously two days. Not even. It was soooo good. I believe I just found my next Harry Potter. (it’s not really comparable but you know what I mean). Book 2 is on the way from amazon. I CAN’T WAIT.

I also got The Cranberries CD, Roses, in the mail on saturday. I’m thoroughly impressed. I was nervous as Bury the Hatchet was not even listenable and Wake Up and Smell the Coffee was just okay. Roses has gotten luke warm reviews at best but seriously after 11 years (more than half of my life) of not releasing any material this is a solid album. They were really able to harbor some of their really amazing 90s sound but infuse some new modern aspects. I don’t expect the album to fly off the shelves but whatever. I love them.

Yesterday I finished “Be Free” and I’m happy. This was a bit of a pain. I finally had to take it for what it was because I know I’m never going to be fully happy with what I produce. Anyways. It’s pretty long for me… 5:03 compared to the 3 or so minutes the first version and the second version were. I like the beginning most. There’s a little reverse effect going on in there.

I wanna talk about American Idol… and Chris Brown. And Rihanna. Seriously. If those two make their first public appearance on that show. I will not be watching. It’s a disgrace to this country that we ALLOW for a “man” and the woman that he beat up to appear together on a FAMILY SHOW. Those who allow this should be punched in the face (sorta like chris brown did to rihanna). It’s just disgusting. It makes me want to vomit down chris brown’s throat.

We’re gonna let a man that did this to a woman back on television. I want to move to canada.

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