52: It’s Been Far Too Long

I haven’t blogged in a while. So I feel like I have a lot to say about a lot of stuff.

First off. The Celebrity Apprentice. I know I’m a couple days late on my opinions but seriously. If Lisa Lampanelli wins this show I will have heart failure and it’ll be a better experience than watching her take out her jealousy on Dayana Mendoza.

If Lisa would take a few steps back and realize that she and Aubrey O’Day (another story) are the ONLY ones that think that Dayana is a waste of space and always in people’s way, they’d realize they are completely, utterly wrong. The clip below is mild compared to what this evil, jealous woman has put Dayana through.


And Aubrey. You’ve proved to be one of the most unlikable women in America. Everything. Everything. Everything MUST be about you. That’s why you broke up an entire band. That’s why one of the most influential men in music FIRED you from his band. That’s why NO ONE (except Lisa) wants to work with you on Celebrity Apprentice. It was blood boiling at first that everything was “Me me me me me me me, I’m so great” but when Teresa won her task and Donald asked her what her charity was and why it was so important…. YOU ANSWERED. SICKENING. WHY CAN YOU NOT LET ANYONE HAVE THEIR MOMENT?

I know the clip is long. But to get an idea of the stupid, just watch the first minute or two. You’ll get sucked in.

Basically, someone, Arsenio Hall, calls her out on her absolute b.s. she cries, proceeds to ask Teresa if she, Aubrey, has “taught her everything she knows” and then Donald Trump says that’s a negative statement. She quits. Go home. Stay home. Go break up another band. Don’t come back. Oh wait, she does. Great.

Moving on from the mean and stupid. Let’s talk about spring music. I’ve already told you about Sarah Jaffe’s new album which releases next week!!!! I’ve pre-listened to the album on NPR and it’s great. Such a great direction she’s moved in.

Next, is an album I’ve been waiting for since 8th grade. And finally. It’s here on May 1.

Santigold: Master of My Make-Believe is gonna be such a great album. Better be the best album I’ve heard in awhile since I’ve waited four long years. I’ve heard three tracks from the album: “GO!”, “Big Mouth”, and “Disparate Youth”.

“Big Mouth” not my favorite but the other two songs are soo great.

I’m gonna crap myself from excitement. NO JOKE. This woman is a goddess. Seriously. I absolutely cannot wait for this album. Her previous five album just topped themselves as they came out, (except for her second album). Soviet Kitsch was great, Begin to Hope was amazing, Far was superb and What We Saw From the Cheap Seats is gonna follow right along with that trend. I can tell. It’s a long wait, May 23, but I think I can make it. I hope I can make it. Regina Spektor ❤

So concludes my Celebrity Apprentice rant and love of music rant. I’ll be back sooner than later to give you album updates. Also, it’s my one year anniversary for this blog in about a week. So. Be there, or be square.


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