59: They’re HEEEEREEEE!

I got the cd’s. The physically packaged cd’s LAST NIGHT and i want to show them to you. They’re almost everything I wanted. I say almost because I wish I was rich so I could give you guys a huge booklet with lots of pictures and more room for all the lyrics but, guess what. I can’t afford that. Maybe later on it’ll be a possibility. AND GUESS WHAT? BY SHOWING UP AT THE CHANHASSEN REC CENTER AT 3:00 ON JUNE 2 WITH $9, YOU CAN HAVE ONE OF THOSE CD’S IN. YOUR. HAND. AND YOU’LL FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF BECAUSE YOU WILL HAVE DONATED MONEY TO THE “SAVE THE MUSIC FOUNDATION”.



Anticlimax anyone? Phillip Phillips won American Idol tonight. I said it. February 25th, I told you all he would win. He did. But he shouldn’t have. Jessica whatever should’ve. I’m not really sure what made him so special. Maybe it was because he sounds like every other indie artist boy group with an acoustic guitar that people listen to because it makes them feel like they’re deep and special and that they know indie music. But Jessica whatever had a real voice. But Phillip is more marketable. He might as well join Mumford and Sons and call it a day.

57: 9 Down, 3 to go!!!!

I just completed two more songs today which brings the total of completely finished songs to NINE!!!! This is crazy. Stuff is ACTUALLY REAL and it just keeps getting more and more real as time goes on because yesterday I BOUGHT THE PACKAGING FOR THE ALBUM. I know I said that the special edition was going to be limited to 100 copies but I can’t afford 100 copies so the limit’s been cut in half and is now limited to ONLY 50 COPIES! If I end up selling 50 copies then I may have more ordered but I’m not sure yet.

Once I get the packaging, pictures will be taken and will be uploaded here and probably Facebook.

That’s all I have to say right now but you will hear from me again before June 2 WHICH BY THE WAY IS THE ALBUM RELEASE! I’ll have more details about that as well for people in the area that would like to come and ¬†buy a $10 masterpiece (yes, I’m tooting my own horn a little bit) and see some great art by wonderful amazing art friends.




56: Give A Kid A Stun Gun

Today I read that the mother of a gay male who was being ruthlessly bullied at school gave the boy a stun gun for protection. She says she’s contacted the school over 10 times in regards to her sons welfare and nothing has been done. You know what I think?

Good job, mom. That’s not sarcastic either. Where are peoples consciences these days? 1 time is TOO MANY for a principal to notice that a boy is being treated the way he was in that school. Being surrounded by 6+ boys? How does that go unnoticed? Now this woman has called 10 times and nobody did anything! Does it at all concern you that these people are running schools?

So now the school wants to expel him. For what? He didn’t even use it. He flashed it before he was about to be gang beat in the hallway. What message is this sending? “Just let em beat you up, then you’ll still get to go to school everyday living in fear just because you happen to like the same sex.” If my family didn’t read this, there’d be a lot of choice words sprinkled throughout.

I think it’s SICK that people are allowing kids to go through this every day and do NOTHING. THIS is why kids kill themselves because they’re told, maybe not physically, but they’re told EVERYDAY that no one cares about them being treated like the dog crap on the bottom of society’s shoe.

It’s NOT okay to be treated this way and it’s NOT okay to let something like this go unnoticed. I don’t know who made the following video but it’s good work.


55: 7 Songs Down, 5 To Go

WOWOWOWOWOWOW! I’m over halfway done with the album! YAY! I’ve got, as the title suggest, 7 songs completely done. Those songs are:

  1. Take It Lightly
  2. Be Free
  3. In The Sky
  4. Maybe I’m Broken
  5. Shadow
  6. Despite Them
  7. Congratulate You

The next song I’m going to work on is called “Those Times”. I already have the piano recorded, it’s just vocals that are needed! So that leaves 4 songs that I have to completely record which is pretty good I’d say. Once I have those 4 songs recorded on the piano (which should take about an hour and a half), I’m going to start working on small 6 song EP that I’ll release sometime during the winter. More details coming on that later down the line.


I told you how excited I was for the release of Santigold’s “Master Of My Make-Believe” and seriously, I think the 4 year wait was worth it. The album is full of extremely catchy tunes like “The Riot’s Gone” which is my personal favorite and “The Keepers” which is a close second. But all the songs are good.

Second, Sarah Jaffe’s “The Body Wins” is not quite as good as her first album but the two aren’t really even comparable. “The Body Wins” has it’s brilliant moments like “Fangs”, “Hooray For Love”, “Halfway Right” and a few others but then everything just gets interrupted by “Foggy Field”. It just doesn’t fit.


Now the next release of an exciting album: “What We Saw From the Cheap Seats” by Regina Spektor! YAYAYA!

OH! OHMYGOD HOW COULD I FORGET! Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra. Yes. This album is going to be EPIC. I’ve been waiting, again, 4 years for a proper full length album by Amanda Palmer: the weirdest, and possibly most popular/least known woman in all of music. It’s odd. The woman raises over $450,000 in less than a week for her newest album via Kickstarter yet something stupid about Octomom makes the news. You can view her in her fabulosity right down there:


If you feel so inclined you can go to Amanda’s kickstarter page and donate to her latest venture. I did. You should too. She’s an amazing artist.

Amanda’s Kickstarter