56: Give A Kid A Stun Gun

Today I read that the mother of a gay male who was being ruthlessly bullied at school gave the boy a stun gun for protection. She says she’s contacted the school over 10 times in regards to her sons welfare and nothing has been done. You know what I think?

Good job, mom. That’s not sarcastic either. Where are peoples consciences these days? 1 time is TOO MANY for a principal to notice that a boy is being treated the way he was in that school. Being surrounded by 6+ boys? How does that go unnoticed? Now this woman has called 10 times and nobody did anything! Does it at all concern you that these people are running schools?

So now the school wants to expel him. For what? He didn’t even use it. He flashed it before he was about to be gang beat in the hallway. What message is this sending? “Just let em beat you up, then you’ll still get to go to school everyday living in fear just because you happen to like the same sex.” If my family didn’t read this, there’d be a lot of choice words sprinkled throughout.

I think it’s SICK that people are allowing kids to go through this every day and do NOTHING. THIS is why kids kill themselves because they’re told, maybe not physically, but they’re told EVERYDAY that no one cares about them being treated like the dog crap on the bottom of society’s shoe.

It’s NOT okay to be treated this way and it’s NOT okay to let something like this go unnoticed. I don’t know who made the following video but it’s good work.


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