64: Good God it’s been too long.

So, hello again. It’s been quite a while since I’ve even looked here or even thought about writing another post. SO apologies to the people that have been visiting on a regular basis or what not.

Well here I am, in college Craziness if you ask me, that I put out an album only a few months ago. It feels like it was forever ago. The people who’ve listened to it have given me good feedback.. but what are they gonna say to my face, shove this cd up your ass it’s garbage? no. they wont. hopefully. or we have problems.

up there you can stream one of the songs from my album, the most personal one that i’ve written. You can get to the whole page to download the album for free. OR if you’re feeling ever so gracious, you can buy a physical copy of the album for the low low price of $4 (plus shipping). 

EAT IT UP FOLKS, it’s my pride and joy. 

A lot has happened since the album came out and I haven’t been fulfilling my “blogging duties” or whatever you may call them. I’ll do my best to get on here on a regular basis with music reviews and all that good stuff so I hope you make it on here every now and then as well. For today, i’m going to say goodbye. Have a pleasant day guys.