54: One Year Later

Wow. It’s been one year. ONE YEAR! Holy crap. I know I keep saying this but wow. The album that I have ready to release in June has been waiting for over 2 years to be released and that’s ridiculous. Finally though this thing I call my album is taking shape into something wonderful. WONDERFUL.

The Art Show at which I’ll be selling my album has been moved up to June 2 which will be the release of my physical album which today got a new cover AND an extra bonus track.

I decided that the cover for the physical and digital release are going to be the same except that the physical release has the words “Special Edition” by the “ZW” logo.

Another thing that happened today. I decided that a song that I wrote AFTER I created the final track listing was just too good to miss out of being on my album so I’m going to record that and it’ll make it’s debut on my debut. It’s called “Congratulate You” and I’m excited for it, obviously. That song will be put on the end of the album making it the 12th track overall on the special edition and 10th track overall on the digital standard release.

One more piece of fun. I’m going to be selling the physical album for $10 and $2 of that will go to the Save the Music Foundation. You can visit their website and learn about all the good they do here.

I hope to see you June 2nd and I hope you bring $10 to support both me and a wonderful organization. Remember the special physical edition is limited to 100 copies ONLY so get there quick!!!! 🙂



I sit here on my (now over) snow day to bring you some good news on my debut album! I know it’s been a long wait. It seems like I’ve been telling you there’s going to be an album out for years now. But the truth is, it’s only been about 1. So what it is this news you may be asking. Well here it is.

The album, titled “Zackery Wilson” will see 2 forms of release. One form is a physical, “special edition” version of the album which (if money permits) will be limited to 100 copies. This version will contain a small book with lyrics to all 11 of the songs featured on the album. The book will also contain original photography by yours truly. Here is the cover. 

The second form is a standard digital release which will contain 9 songs. This version of the album will be released on my Bandcamp page on June 12. I will add a digital booklet with the lyrics. Here is the digital cover:

The track listing for each of the versions is the following:


  1. Take It Lightly
  2. Be Free
  3. In the Sky
  4. Maybe I’m Broken
  5. Those Times
  6. What Am I
  7. Despite Them
  8. Back of the Room
  9. Shadow


  1. Take It Lightly
  2. Be Free
  3. Sleep
  4. In the Sky
  5. Maybe I’m Broken
  6. Those Times
  7. What Am I
  8. Despite Them
  9. Back of the Room
  10. Too Long
  11. Shadow

So there you have it folks. I’m still playing around with the inside art. Right now I’m not too sure about it but you know me and how wishy washy I am. I’ll have the final version done by tomorrow and share that with ya’ll.

For now, I’m going to go listen to my new Memoryhouse CD and talk to you guys about all my thoughts on fabulous topics in reality tv. Have a nice night.


42: I Forgot I Had A Blog… So Get Ready.

It’s been like what… 20 days since I posted anything… sorry. I forgot I had an obligation to. :/

I’ve been busy getting everything on track with school, becoming an Eagle Scout, and getting money from the government for college.

I’ve made some progress with the album though! I finished another song called “Tara”. Weird song, like I’m sure I’ve said before. I’m pretty sure that the song isn’t going to be on the album but it’ll see a release some day. Maybe another EP in the future. Who knows since Mental Breakdown didn’t really sell so hot. But it’s understandable. It was a mediocre effort. Tomorrow I plan on finishing my first song ever put out, “Be Free”. It’s grown. It’s better. It’s my favorite so far, next to “Take It Lightly” which I also tweaked yesterday (the vocals are now more hearable). Tomorrow I also hope to get a song that I haven’t even written lyrics to done. Its story:

I sat down at the piano and started playing around. The music sounded fun, recorded it quick and now I need to come up with a melody and lyrics. FUUN.

Now let’s talk some music releases!!!!

First: The Cranberries

I LOVE THE CRANBERRIES. My love of nineties music started with The Cranberries. Well, actually no. It didn’t but still they’re my favorite 90’s band.

Their album Roses comes out on Feb 27 and they’ve been all over TV performing their new song Tomorrow which is soooo catchy and fun to listen to and there’s so much truth. Dolores’ writing style is so… simple yet so deep and full of meaning and I just love her.

Second: The Ting Tings

The Ting Tings are another one of those bands that I knew before they got popular. Now, I don’t mean to sound pretentious or anything when I say that but seriously I have this weird jealousy when bands I know get popular.

Their second album: Sounds From Nowheresville leaked about a month ago and of course I downloaded it (it wasn’t stealing because I’ve already pre-ordered it from Amazon). I love it. I think they’ve grown from a “singles band” (a band that’s good for releasing a trillion singles from one album) to a really solid indie pop/rock album that can pretty much do anything with Katie Whites gorgeous voice. My personal favorites are Guggenheim and Hit Me Down Sonny. I was disappointed that they sped up Day to Day. They performed it a while back as a slow ballad type song, now it’s just kinda plain.

Third: Memoryhouse

From their small EP “The Years” I have a lot of hope for this band. They seem very versatile and I can’t wait to hear their debut album “The Slideshow Effect”.

Fourth: Sarah Jaffe

You guys. I almost crapped myself with excitement when I hear that Sarah Jaffe was going to be releasing her second album “The Body Wins” in april. Her first album and her EP are so good and I can’t wait to hear the new direction she’s going in for this album.

Fifth and Sixth and Seventh: Sleigh Bells and Civil Twilight, and Ladyhawke

I need to condense this, it’s getting long. Sleigh Bells is so noisy, I can’t get enough. They performed on SNL last night and while my mom hated it, I loved it. ❤ Alexis Krauss. Also, that IS the album cover. cute, huh?

Civil Twlight. The band that brought the song Letters From the Sky to just about every dramatic movie/show. I haven’t had time to listen to their debut album in full but the six or seven songs I have heard are fantastic. Their second album I’m excited for. I don’t know why. I just am.

Finally, I feel like a terrible person that I forgot about Ladyhawke… (This was an after thought).

Her second album Anxiety will be released in March and I CANNOT wait to hear it. The first single “Black, White & Blue” is so good. My mom calls it 60’s music. I don’t know why. Maybe it sounds like 60’s music. Also, the album cover is sooo cool. It’s her, but then if you look closely at her hair you’ll find little surprises.

p.s. I don’t have the rights to these photos and no copyright infringement is intended.

WOWOWOWOWOW. That was a lot. Hope that made up for my absence. The Amazing Race is on tonight. YES! Brenden and Rachel. TRAINWRECK.



Well hellllo there! I’ve been working on the album a little bit lately. I’ve been mainly re-writing a lot of the songs I have prepared, making them the best I possibly can make them!!! I’ve decided that I’m going to include the song “Shadow” on the album. I think it’s a really strong track, one of my favorites.

I gave “Shadow” a new cover so it goes more along the lines of the overall theme of the upcoming album… well, at least the single covers.

You’ve probably heard the song before but here, you can listen to it again and if you haven’t, you can download it!!! 🙂

So far I know of just four songs that I for sure want to be on the album:

  1. Back of the Room
  2. Be Free
  3. Take it Lightly
  4. Shadow

So I’ve got 4 for sure songs…. now I just need 7 more.


Hello all! Hope you had a WONDERFUL new years eve, I know I did! I’m looking forward to putting 2011 behind us and taking 2012 in with open arms.

Looking back on 2011 I realize how many great opportunities I’ve had and how many new experiences I’ve come across.

The most memorable thing from the year, to me, was recording in an actual studio. I got three songs done at Custom Recording Studios in Golden Valley, MN (Shadow, Be Free, and Man). It was a really great experience even though it costed me an arm and a leg.

So many other great things happened in the past year that I’m looking forward to all the even greater things that are going to happen this year. The two things that I want to accomplish this year are:

  • Releasing a full length album (JUNE MY FRIENDS!)
  • Performing live

I’ve never performed live, in fact I’ve only sung in front of two people: my mom, and Jim Reynolds (the guy at the recording studio).

Singing live makes my REALLY nervous but it’s something I’m going to have to do in order to be an accomplished singer. I’m gonna start off maybe at open mic nights or something to ease myself into it.

So moving past all of that, I got this great new microphone that is going to make the sound of my debut album GREAT! I already recorded a demo of “Take It Lightly” at home. That demo will be released on the single which comes out in April!

Since the pictures for the album cover turned out too dark, we’re going to re-shoot tomorrow with the flash on. Hopefully this one works out! I have a vision and I don’t want to change it.

Some details on the album which I think I may have stated before but I’m not sure:

There will be 10-12 tracks on the album which is going to be self titled “Zackery Wilson” and will be physically released in June with the digital release coming a week or so later. The single “Take It Lightly” will be released April 30th. That single will include the album version and the demo version along with the black lettered artwork.

If you head over to the “music” tab in the blog menu you will be directed to my Bandcamp page where you can download the Mental Breakdown EP 100% FREE.

What are you guys most looking forward to this year? Let me know!

Post 35: Something I Thought I Published

Well…. A while ago I thought I had published a post containing gossip and updates but I guess I accidentally saved it as a draft instead of publishing it. So here is post 35:

“Can you say anti-climatic? I can! Yes, my guilty pleasure is antm and for those of you who don’t want to know who “won” don’t read anymore.

So, Lisa’s big “win” was probably the least excited and fake I’ve ever seen someone. Why? Well, rewind a little bit and we learn AFTER production had wrapped someone, namely Anglea, leaked some information so she was therefore disqualified and the final judging had to be retaped. Now, who actually won the series is unknown. It could’ve been anglea but then she was disquaified or it could’ve been Lisa in the first place who jut couldn’t find a second round of happiness in her. Whatever, allison should’ve won regardless. Lisa just wanted the publicity for her music career as La Puchinita whatever that means.

Also, I caught up on my real housewives of beverly hills and all I can say is… “we’re and evolved species!” Good freaking lord tese women are such a mess. My heart goes out to taylor armstron and everthing but jesus, pull it together on camera….. or don’t, cause as we all know, self destructing middle age women fighting with drunk middle aged women brings the ratings.

Moving on, today I recorded a demo of a new song called “Break Though Time” today, right on track with where I want to be!!! :)”

So. End Post 35. Some more updates on top of those updates:

I was planning to get the “photo shoot” for the album cover done this week but my photographer has the flu. So that’s going to be delayed. I also got three songs recorded for demos yesterday and I’m right on track with where I want to be. I want to hopefully have 18 songs to choose from and in the end I will have 11 final tracks on the album. I’m planning to get back into the piano rooms tomorrow so I hope I can create some great new material.

Songs so far:

  • Be Free
  • Rumor
  • Break Through Time
  • Stay With You
  • I Want to Sleep
  • Back of the Room

6 down, 12 to go. More updates soon to come when the album cover is shot! I can’t wait to release this album, it’s long overdue.

Post 34

In case y’all haven’t seen my recent facebook post, I WILL NOT be releasing “the rebels” in january as the mental breakdown ep hasn’t proved to be too popular. So, I’m going to release the tracks that would be on “the rebels” album as bonus tracks on a deluxe version of my very first studio album.

Speaking of the first album… it’s coming along really good! I’ve got so far 4 songs planned out for the album. Now I’m just going to re write them until they’re near perfect (something I don’t often do) and then record them once I have the right equipment.

I’ve also got a really amazing idea for the cover. It involves 2 things. Water and glitter. I’m so excited for it and I’m crossing my finger it plays out as amazing as I’m envisioning it.

Also, about the previous post, it’s for a scholarship and feel free to comment with your opinions. I’m a little disappointed with it though because I don’t think I thought it through all the way.

Sorry about the yet again delayed release but I promise you, you will be seeing both a physical AND digital release of my very first, debut studio album in june of 2011.