Post 29: Wow am I scattered….

Hey guys! Gonna hit you up with some altered plans. The “Demos” album was just too long so I’ve decided to split is up into 2 separate releases. The first is going to be the updated “Mental Breakdown” EP and the second is going to be the long-awaited first studio album!!!! YAAY! The album isn’t necessarily a “studio” album because only 3 of the tracks were actually professionally recorded. However, the remaining tracks are some of my favorites and I cannot afford another session so I’m going to release them. 3 of the tracks were recorded using Mixcraft and the remaining 6 are some of my best songs to date, I think.

So, more information on the releases. “Mental Breakdown” is going to be released on November 15, the original release date for “Demos”. The first studio album, “The Rebels” is going to be released January 10, 2012. Track lists, lyrics, and artwork to come at later dates.



Post 27: I’m Baaaaack!

Hey there. I’m back and this time is probably the last time as a solo artist. That may sound like bad news but, trust me, it isnt.

The month or so that I’ve taken “off” have been used to form a band. Yes, a band. It is complete!!! I have a lyricist/piano player and a guitar player plus me, the lyricist/piano player/vocalist.

I’m really excited to get this going here!!! Our first band meeting is on monday and that’s where we are going to finalize the name and start working on creating some killer music. Right now, it’s looking like the name is going to be “SHATTERGLASS”.

I’m not sure if I’m going to be releasing the Mental Breakdown EP as a sort of… farewell to solo artistry (hopefully). I’ll get back to everyone on that release.

I’ll also let you know when we get some web pages and social networking support on SHATTERGLASS (if that’s what we’re going to be called).

So, sit tight, all will be decided after monday…… most likely.

Post 26: What Florence Gave Me

Today, while at work, I decided to listen to the new single from Florence and the Machine’s upcoming sophomore album called “What the Water Gave Me”. While listening to this song I came to the realization of how much she influences me to want to write and perform music. Then I started to realize, I really need to get on promoting myself better. No matter how hard I try it seems like I can’t get myself out there. So it’s time I remove myself from the computer screen and put myself out in the eye of the public. Literally. I don’t know what this means exactly but I will figure it out.

I need some really dedicated fans. Like, really dedicated. I can’t even get people to answer a simple poll. I’m looking at maybe open mic nights, karaoke, something like that. I don’t know. But it will happen and hopefully soon.

Also, while listening, I realized I’m not 100% in LOVE with my music. It’s so simple and quite. I need some punch, some noise, something other than a piano and vocals.

Where this is leading you, is that I’m not going to be releasing an album any time soon. Not until it feels right. I feel like this album is being too rushed even though it’s been almost 3 years coming. I really need to get myself out there before I go spending hundreds of dollars on something that I’m not so in love with.

I will still be releasing the Mental Breakdown EP but the date is going to be pushed back to November 15th. If this dissappoints you, sorry. You should’ve answered my poll (haha! thats a joke. but not really). I need support. And, while yes I have an average of 8-10 blog views a day, no one has even LISTENED to the I’m Unsure single let alone bothered to download it for FREE!

Now don’t worry for I will still regularly blog on my thoughts on tv shows and what not and maybe a stray song release here and there but it’s time for promotion.

I feel like I’m harping on everyone but I’m not trying to, honest. Thank you to absolutely EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has even stumbled upon my blog and taken time out of there day to read it. I just need more to make it in this business.

Post 23: I’m Unsure Single

On Monday, the single of I’m Unsure is going to be released in preparation for the Mental Breakdown EP. I’m going to merge the Wallflower demo single into this so the single will contain 2 tracks for free. It will also include a digital lyric page.

 So it’s been awhile since I posted anything anything so it’s time for a catch-up that will be full of spoilers for Big Brother 13. So don’t go any further if you haven’t seen this weeks episodes.

Ding Dong Brenden’s Dead!!!! Again. Thank god. The mere sight of Brenden and Rachel make me want to kick something. They are so extremly not smart. Yes, they may both be going for their PhD’s but that doesnt necessarily mean you are a smart person. Oh well. Now we have to go through Rachel with new found confidence. I hope to god that she doesn’t HoH.

September brings the premiers of a lot of new shows and great, returning shows like Parenthood, Survivor, The Amazing Race, Modern Family, and The Middle! I cannot wait. The show I’m really interested to see though is New Girl with Zooey Deschanel. She is AMAZING. I also can’t wait to watch Terra Nova. It looks really good. Hopefully other people will want to watch it as well b/c it seems like it could do really well.

Another thing I wanted to share with you was a new band that I happened upon while working the other day and thought I’d check ’em out. It turns out they are really good AND the hail from Minneapolis! HEY HEY HEY! (that’s where I’m located). They are called Lookbook and you can listen to one of their songs below: (I am particularily fond of Yesterday’s Company)

Another thing you’ll notice if you direct your attention to the top of the screen, I’ve “streamlined” aka made it easier, to find what you are looking for. I’ve added a new page as well which, once I get to it, will give you the meaning to all the songs I’ve written and maybe… clear up some questions… because Shadow isnt about watching someone die and not helping them. I promise.

So, I’ll be back to you on monday to remind you of the release of the I’m Unsure single!!!

Post 22: Mental Breakdown

Instead of being released as a single, “I’m Unure” is going to be released in an EP called “Mental Breakdown” which will feature 5 songs. The front and back covers are below.

The EP will be released September 16 and will (again) feature 5 songs which are all demo’s that were recorded using Mixcraft a long time ago despite “I’m Unsure” and “Untitled”. I just wrote and recorded “Untitled” today.

When you download the EP which is FREE it’ll come with a digital lyric booklet and an alternate mix of “I’m Unsure” and possibly one extra, hidden track. Possibly. ;D

Moving directions into the complete frustration that is Bachelor Pad 2. I wanted to punch Casey in the nose, not that it would change his voice (he sounds like Kermit the Frog). Who died and made him think he was the ugliest sounding god? All I can say is that he will get his in the end, he and his wicked witch with a b of a girlfriend Vienna.

UUURRRGGGHHH! And then all the idiots in the game didnt vote out Vienna when they had a perfect chance. Plus the stupid game cheated in manipulating the game in order to keep the drama (Jake and Casey) around for yet another week. Since the first season, the game has been the men vote out one woman and the women have voted out one man. But in order to keep Jake (who was inevitably going home) in the game, they decided that instead, TWO women would be voted off this week. Can you say BS?

With Gia quitting, only one was left to go home which was Jackie of all people, one of the smallest threats and the girlfriend of Ames. Ames was so struck by love that he decided to ride off into the sunset (or rather night) with his true love which most likely made every woman in America cry. Bleh.

On some more, sad news. Husband of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Taylor Armstrong, Russell Armstrong was found dead in his home last night. The couple were just recently divorced and he had hung himself. He had one daughter with the reality star and two children from a previous marraige. My thoughts are with his family in such a devestating time and I wish you all well.

Unfortunatly it seems like everytime I post something, we are all giving our thoughts and prayers to someone who has passed but really, everyday, someone who is important in someones lives passes and it is them and their family who should be in our hearts. So, to everyone who is hurting today, may you find peace later on and know that the person you lost is in a better place.

Goodnight, all. Talk to you later.