I can’t believe it’s november already. I feel weird, and I’m cold and I’m not ready to be cold just yet. I’m making this CD, a mix CD for someone and it’s kind of secret but I feel like crying to every song I put on it. Tv is making me cry a lot.

Parenthood, that’s what doing it to me every time. I don’t think there’s been a dry eyed episode so far. see Kristina has cancer. Figures that would be the story line at this point in time. Everything this family is going I feel like we’ve felt those emotions and it just makes it all that more real, again. And then the Walking Dead. Christ, it’s like I can’t catch a break. It’s like they thought “who could we kill that would be the biggest deal in all of eternity?” they knew what would get us all, and how it would happen. Of course. It’s probably good to just be sad sometimes though. It gets a lot of crap out of your system. Here is what dane cook has to say about crying. I don’t think he is funny, and I don’t like him but a friend showed me this and it’s like.. life.

here’s a song for a real good cry for the goddess herself:

I don’t know really what else to say here. I haven’t been writing much but I did find the piano practice rooms in my school. They are a lot nicer than the ones in my high school. I learned how to play “Ride” by lana del rey. I’m super proud of that. I’ll post a video of that when I’m done.

WOOTWOOT! I’m out. See you next time.


Post 37: Take It Lightly

Like i had stated previously, I was thinking about releasing “Take it Lightly” as the first single from my first studio album. And that’s what I’m going to do. I made the cover(s) today and they are below. I can’t decide if I like the one with the writing on it or if I just like it simple with the small title on the top. I’m leaning more towards the one with the big writing. Let me know what you think by commenting:

The single is going to be released onto my Bandcamp page on April 30th which is a Monday! SO MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Also, you may have noticed that the menu up top is a little different. The “Music” tab takes you directly to my bandcamp page and the facebook tab takes you right to my facebook page! I’ve added an about page and soon I’m gonna add a “Photos” page!

Today, I will hopefully have my album cover shoot and when those are all done and edited, they’ll be up for the world to see! I’m so excited! Underwater, here I come!

Post 36: Potential Single? Maybe!

Hey peeps. I got back into the piano rooms AGAIN yesterday. I think I need to take a break from them because I’m starting to lose a bit of inspiration or whatever you want to call it.

I recorded 3 songs:

  • The Things You’ve Said
  • One and Only
  • Take It Lightly

I am thinking that maybe take it lightly will be the lead single from the album but I don’t know when it will be released or if I’ll even put it online.

Next weekend I’m going to do my absolute best to get my album cover shot because I really want to see it come into being and I wanna play around with making it exactly how I want to be. I also had an idea for the album sleeve which I’m going to put together and see how it goes.

Some more news on the album release:

My friends are having an art show and they’ve agreed to let me sell my album there. So, that’s going to serve as the official physical release for the album and then it will be released online the following week. Hopefully their art show works out because I’m really looking forward to having a platform to release my hard work!

In other news, today, the War in Iraq officially ended today. I kind of wonder though what that means. Because we still have troops in the country. I know we are getting them out but I question whether or not this is just something the government is doing to give us all some sort of perception that it’s all really over.

I’m not complaining because I think it’s great. It’s about time this thing has ended. So many lives have been lost and I’m so thankful to all the people that gave their life and time to fight for this country. YOU are the ones that allow me to be able to sit down here and tell everyone about my music. YOU are the ones that let me play my music. YOU are the ones that let everyone in this country live freely so I and everyone else should take some time and appreciate the people that give us the life we have today.

Post 4!

Well, summer is here (about a month ago) and finally i have a date set to head into the studio to start recording my first album!!!!!
On august 2nd i will begin (and hopefully finish) recording my album. I have 9 songs prepared and if there is extra time i may record some more songs for as b-sides to be released at a later date.
I hope to release the album by september and it may even be ready by august but i’m not sure quite yet.
So stay tuned for more information about the album including release dates, album art, and track listing. I will be re-releasing my song “Be Free” on august 9th on bandcamp for free.
Dont forget to listen to the demo version of be free right now at http://www.zackerywilson.bandcamp.com and download it for free!

Post 2: Creative, huh?

well. i have done absolutly nothing with anything. TOO BUSY! anyways. I’ll try not to leave people hangin. gonna call the studio somtime this month. I PROMISE! But unfortunatly an album will NOT be released by the end of june. I know, not even three weeks into this thing and i’m already disappointing. Anyways. New goal:


The Typical First Post

So here we go. The first post in hopefully a successful career as a musician. I am currently a “struggling” musician and am hoping to “launch” a career in the music business.

I put “struggling” in quotations becuase i don’t currently have anything out in the world (except for a rough cut demo recorded on a digital camera) and i havent tried as hard as some may expect i should.

I also put “launch” in quotes b/c i’m not looking for nor do i expect a big boom of a career such as lady gaga or taylor swift.

So the journey begins. I will be attempting to release a full, 10 song album by the end of the month of June.

to listen and download my first ever released song, “Be Free”, visit:


I hope you guys enjoy! I’m looking foreward and hopeful that i will recieve the support i need from anyone who will give it.