Back for another round of the blogging, the fortieth to be exact!!! This week I come to you with not much news, but just some jibber jabber about random things.

Recording is going… not at all. I haven’t really recorded anything with my microphone yet but I will starting hopefully next week.

Also, up in the menu there is a new tab called “gallery” which is most of the pictures I’ve taken. I might even use one of them as the album cover since the whole underwater concept hasn’t exactly been working out. Also, the blog banner is different and the “ZW” is the logo that is going to be used on the front of the cover.

I’ve slightly altered the covers for “Shadow” and “Take It Lightly” but they aren’t too different, just a little more contrast-y than the originals.

So lets talk Lana Del Rey. I discoverd her music a few weeks ago before she performed on Saturday Night Live, which in her case was a big mistake. She….. well she wasn’t great but she wasn’t as terrible as many say she was. You can watch her performance of one her really fantastic songs (that she didn’t do much justice) below:

She doesn’t sound bad in any other live performances that I’ve heard her in so I think she was just nervous.

This performance in turn made me super duper nervous for the first time I perform in front of people. I was thinking of maybe trying to set up a show sometime at the very end of May/ very beginning June right before the release of the album which comes out in June 4 at my friends art show which (tentatively) runs June 4 and 5. The digital release of the album will be on June 12, a week later.

Here is the new cover of Take It Lightly:



Hello all! Hope you had a WONDERFUL new years eve, I know I did! I’m looking forward to putting 2011 behind us and taking 2012 in with open arms.

Looking back on 2011 I realize how many great opportunities I’ve had and how many new experiences I’ve come across.

The most memorable thing from the year, to me, was recording in an actual studio. I got three songs done at Custom Recording Studios in Golden Valley, MN (Shadow, Be Free, and Man). It was a really great experience even though it costed me an arm and a leg.

So many other great things happened in the past year that I’m looking forward to all the even greater things that are going to happen this year. The two things that I want to accomplish this year are:

  • Releasing a full length album (JUNE MY FRIENDS!)
  • Performing live

I’ve never performed live, in fact I’ve only sung in front of two people: my mom, and Jim Reynolds (the guy at the recording studio).

Singing live makes my REALLY nervous but it’s something I’m going to have to do in order to be an accomplished singer. I’m gonna start off maybe at open mic nights or something to ease myself into it.

So moving past all of that, I got this great new microphone that is going to make the sound of my debut album GREAT! I already recorded a demo of “Take It Lightly” at home. That demo will be released on the single which comes out in April!

Since the pictures for the album cover turned out too dark, we’re going to re-shoot tomorrow with the flash on. Hopefully this one works out! I have a vision and I don’t want to change it.

Some details on the album which I think I may have stated before but I’m not sure:

There will be 10-12 tracks on the album which is going to be self titled “Zackery Wilson” and will be physically released in June with the digital release coming a week or so later. The single “Take It Lightly” will be released April 30th. That single will include the album version and the demo version along with the black lettered artwork.

If you head over to the “music” tab in the blog menu you will be directed to my Bandcamp page where you can download the Mental Breakdown EP 100% FREE.

What are you guys most looking forward to this year? Let me know!

Post 25: Why are people so stupid?

I am so dumb founded at how STUPID the contestants of bachelor pad are. It’s just so so so so so so DUMB that people (mainly Kirk as he was the swing vote) don’t understand that if they don’t vote Kermit and Bert (Kasey and Vienna) out now that they are going to win the game! Those two make me want to punt kick small creatures.It astounds me that people don’t realize that they are playing a game and that the excuse of not wanting to upset Kasey is so dumb!

So, now I want to devote a whole paragraph to listing off all the things I hate about Kasey.

  • He sounds like Kermit the Frog
  • When he sings (which he did last night) he sounds like Kermit the Frog impersonating the Back Street Boys.
  • He looks like a toddler with a six pack
  • He acts like a toddler with a six pack
  • He is stupid enough to be with Vienna (the wicked witch of the land)
  • He is stupid enough to think Vienna wants to be with him

That was him singing on the bachelorette, not bachelor pad, but it is still as bad. I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.

Moving on. So, I decided that it is time to get people involved with this blog because I want to be sure that people are actually reading it. Ya know? To do this, I’m going to create a poll! Yay!!!

Don’t forget to check out my new single “I’m Unsure” from the album and from the Mental Breakdown EP! It’s out on Bandcamp right now for FREE! Plus, when you download it, you’ll get all sorts of goodies!

Tomorrow night on Big Brother 13, the veto will be played and I’m so excited to see who wins and what will happen with the nominations! Also, Thursday is a DOUBLE EVICTION night.

For the past 9 seasons that I’ve seen of this show, it never seems to fail that my favorite person goes home. so my fingers are crossed that my favorite (Danielle, Kalia, or Jordan) doesn’t go bye bye. If you ask me, Rachel needs so go home. But she needed to go home 7 weeks ago.

Have a nice night, guys! I’ll talk you you all later!

Post 23: I’m Unsure Single

On Monday, the single of I’m Unsure is going to be released in preparation for the Mental Breakdown EP. I’m going to merge the Wallflower demo single into this so the single will contain 2 tracks for free. It will also include a digital lyric page.

 So it’s been awhile since I posted anything anything so it’s time for a catch-up that will be full of spoilers for Big Brother 13. So don’t go any further if you haven’t seen this weeks episodes.

Ding Dong Brenden’s Dead!!!! Again. Thank god. The mere sight of Brenden and Rachel make me want to kick something. They are so extremly not smart. Yes, they may both be going for their PhD’s but that doesnt necessarily mean you are a smart person. Oh well. Now we have to go through Rachel with new found confidence. I hope to god that she doesn’t HoH.

September brings the premiers of a lot of new shows and great, returning shows like Parenthood, Survivor, The Amazing Race, Modern Family, and The Middle! I cannot wait. The show I’m really interested to see though is New Girl with Zooey Deschanel. She is AMAZING. I also can’t wait to watch Terra Nova. It looks really good. Hopefully other people will want to watch it as well b/c it seems like it could do really well.

Another thing I wanted to share with you was a new band that I happened upon while working the other day and thought I’d check ’em out. It turns out they are really good AND the hail from Minneapolis! HEY HEY HEY! (that’s where I’m located). They are called Lookbook and you can listen to one of their songs below: (I am particularily fond of Yesterday’s Company)

Another thing you’ll notice if you direct your attention to the top of the screen, I’ve “streamlined” aka made it easier, to find what you are looking for. I’ve added a new page as well which, once I get to it, will give you the meaning to all the songs I’ve written and maybe… clear up some questions… because Shadow isnt about watching someone die and not helping them. I promise.

So, I’ll be back to you on monday to remind you of the release of the I’m Unsure single!!!

Post 21

First, I’d like to start off this post to remember the five lives who were lost at the Indiana State Fair when a stage collapsed. All of my thoughts go out to the families of those lives that were lost.

Second, I’d like to say R.I.P to Phoebe the family fish. She passed away presumably last night. She lived a good, three year long life, which for a fish is extremely long. She will be missed.

Third, on a lighter note, Danielle (from Big Brother) made possibly on of the stupidest (or smartest, I have to figure that out) moves of the game by not nominating Brendan and/or Rachel for eviction. We’ll see how this one turns out but for now I’m not happy about it. Hopefully Brenden and Rachel will actually do something smart for themselves and keep true on their word with Danielle.

And tonight brings the 2nd episode of the ever-so-classy Bachelor Pad. Personally, I’m routing for Erica Rose. Vienna is a heartless, spineless, manipulative, evil, demon creature that looks like Bert from Sesame Street. You can see the resemblance below (just add a uni-brow to Vienna):

Next on the list of things to cover is the second single release. Since the album isn’t going to come out until (most likely) early 2012, I’ve decided to release a second single which is (my favorite song off the album) “I’m Unsure”. The song diverts from the piano ballad type of music that I do and is roughly recorded, a way that I want it. That single will be put up on bandcamp on September 13th. Album art to come soon. I have, so far, two covers made up so I might have people get involved and vote for the cover they want to see for the single.

I feel like there needs to be another cat picture to sign me off for the day (or next couple days, whenever I get to another post).

Also, youtube won’t let me put this on my blog but this song is STUNNING. Check it out. Enya- Only Time

The Big 20: Youtube Anyone?

So to further my social media/ online exposure, I created a youtube account. You can visit that here if you’d like. SPREAD THE WORD!

So today I started “The Jungle” and I’m not so much as impressed as I am interested to see where this goes, and anyone who’s wondering, I got the “Blink” problem worked out.

Tonight brings the Sunday edition of Big Brother 13 and much to my dismay, Brenden is back in the house. Yes. Brenden. Rachael. Gag. Me. America sucks. Ya know, I would understand if Big Brother had given all four of the evictees a chance to get back in the house but the fact that America voted Brenden to compete against Lawon of all people. I just slap my forehead and shake my head.

Sorry to those who don’t watch Big Brother and have no clue what I am talking about.

Here is the video that is on youtube:

Also, this song is AH-MAZING! I love it. It’s called Infinity Guitars by Sleigh Bells. Yes.

Have a nice night, and (I can’t believe I haven’t addressed this yet) but please keep the horn of Africa (Somalia and Kenya) in your thoughts. For those who don’t know, they are going through a serious drought and have a major lack of food and the government (aka sick bastards) is attempting to block aide from other countries. Again, please keep them in your thoughts and, if you prey, prayers.

Post 19: Shadow

Holy moly. Its been a busy day. First, my dad and I decided that we’d go on a simple trip to the bank and the library. We got to the bank, everything was all good. Next, the library.
To get the full effect, let’s start at the beginning. First, for school, we have summer reading, a book called Blink. This book is really fascinating and I only have 30 pages left. Now, the book is about 2 months overdue and I decide I should renew it, pay my fines and move on with my day. Little did I know that once I pay my fines and hand the librarian my book, I’m not getting it back. That’s right, 30 pages to read and 9 journal quote marked with post-its and they won’t give it back to me. I explain my situation and do they care? No. I have to say the woman was nice and she did what she could to find the book elsewhere but every copy was checked out. she found the book on cd and reserved it for me at another library. So I pop the cd into the computer and turned the cd off within 20 seconds.

The readers voice was so annoying and the begininng music, gag me. I couldnt stand it. Also, it would be impossible to find the quotes that I needed. So my only hope is borrowing the book from a friend that is taking the same class.

Then my mom and I went to kohls because they were having a big sale. We split up, my mom going to the shoes, me going to the pants. I find nothing of interest so I go to find my mom. Where do I find her? Hidden in the kitchen isle with a stack of not one, not two, not three, but thirty six scratch cards that she had nabbed from the cashier counter. They were all 15% off so she decided that they weren’t good enough so she used her expired 30% off card she got in the mail. We got three nice shirts for 14 dollars. Not a bad trip.

Next on the list was Kwik Trip, we got a tub of ice cream, 2 bananas and a cookie…. FREE. That was also fun.

So now I sit at the computer, blogging away as I realise that I haven’t really promoted my first single as well as I should be. I don’t even have the lyrics up yet. So here they are:


the water’s to your knees/ you’re begging screaming please/ as the shadow watches on/ as your drowning/ in the web that you spun/ and the lies that you told/ with your mouth ziped shut/ you can’t take it back/and as your lungs fill with water/ and your mind fills with hate/ that shadow’s watching on/ as you’re drowning/ i can’t help but watch/ as you’re filling up with hate/ that is eminating from/ all the people you made/ hate you/ and you can’t believe/ that no one will help/ as you’re walking to your grave/ as you’re drowning/ in the web that you spun/ in the lies that you told/ i won’t believe you no more/ and just watch you drown

I would love it if you guys as my fans would choose to download the song instead of just listen to it. It’s free and all you have to do is put in your email. Your email address isnt given to anyone else but me and you wont get bombarded with emails. I PROMISE. So click here to go to my bandcamp page and DOWNLOAD “Shadow”. Later, I’ll release a physical EP that you will be able to buy for 50 cents with a buck shipping that will feature 4 songs.

Anyways, have a wonderful rest of the weekend. As for mine, I’m going to start reading “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair (not excited) and watch another episode of Lost (I just started watching it)!