66: It’s Late and I Feel Like Posting About Rap Music

So like the title says: It’s Late and I Feel Like Posting. So basically I’ve been getting really into good rap/R&B music. It’s very uncharacteristic of me. But, I feel like a lot of the industry has changed to I like it a lot more. I’m currently listening to Frank Ocean, a new-to-the-scene rapper who sort of, I wouldn’t say became famous because of this, but he gained some recognition for coming out as gay. Which I guess is still considered a big deal but whatever. It’s not like it makes his music any better. You can still be gay and make awful music.

That is my favorite song of his. I don’t really understand the video all that much but I guess it’s cool.

Another rapped I’ve gotten into is Kendrick Lamar. He’s just. He’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

So this is basically all I wanted to share. I got bit by the writing bug yesterday and wrote a few snippits of things that could turn into something. Who knows. That’s as far as I will go as far as updates are concerned. I’m gonna leave you with one of my favorite new songs:



This is my 50th post. Crazy. I know. Over the course of ALMOST one whole year, I’ve managed to post on here 50 times. That’s pretty good considering I tend to get with things pretty quick and easy. Not here though. Once I realized that I have somewhat of a following I guess I thought I probably shouldn’t just abandon this.

I’m halfway finished with my sixth song in total, fifth song that’ll be on the album. It’s called “In The Sky”. That song and “Maybe I’m Broken” go hand in hand as one song is from a certain persons viewpoint on a situation and then “Maybe I’m Broken” is from another person’s viewpoint. I’m pretty proud of the two songs. I’ve got to edit the vocal track of the song and polish it up a little and then it’ll be finished. So after that’s finished up I will have almost half of the album completed!!!


  1. Take It Lightly
  2. Be Free
  3. Shadow
  4. Maybe I’m Broken
  5. In the Sky


  1. Sleep
  2. Those Times
  3. Despite Them
  4. Back of the Room
  5. What Am I?

I think I’ve got myself on a good schedule. Also, good news. I’ve found someone that’s willing to put her talent of playing violin and drums to use. I REALLY hope that it works out because that would add some type of something more to the album. I’m going to do everything in my power to get some of that going on in the album!

So now I’m going to talk about the Amazing Race. Vanessa is a gross person on the inside. And you know that you don’t someone when you don’t like that they made fun of Rachel. Yes. Rachel. She’s back if you haven’t heard or seen The Amazing Race 20.

Rachel was a contestant on big brother 12 and the winner of Big Brother 13. She and her husband or whatever who is also from Big Brother, Brenden, are competing together. I talked about the two frequently during the summer. They’ve made for some good Amazing Race drama what with threatening to leave Brenden and quit the whole show just because she couldn’t taste Salami anymore.

Anyways, this girl Vanessa keeps picking on Rachel for no apparent reason. Maybe she’s jealous of Rachel’s fame? Maybe she see’s Rachel as weak and easy prey. Well she must have not seen Big Brother because if anyone fights back, it’s Rachel. And it looks like that’s what will happen next week in and airport. God, I want Vanessa and her tool boyfriend Ralph (yeah, Ralph) to go home.

Quick jump back to music!!!!! Don’t forget that my single, “Take It Lightly” is available for download (it’s free) and you can listen to it right down below.

42: I Forgot I Had A Blog… So Get Ready.

It’s been like what… 20 days since I posted anything… sorry. I forgot I had an obligation to. :/

I’ve been busy getting everything on track with school, becoming an Eagle Scout, and getting money from the government for college.

I’ve made some progress with the album though! I finished another song called “Tara”. Weird song, like I’m sure I’ve said before. I’m pretty sure that the song isn’t going to be on the album but it’ll see a release some day. Maybe another EP in the future. Who knows since Mental Breakdown didn’t really sell so hot. But it’s understandable. It was a mediocre effort. Tomorrow I plan on finishing my first song ever put out, “Be Free”. It’s grown. It’s better. It’s my favorite so far, next to “Take It Lightly” which I also tweaked yesterday (the vocals are now more hearable). Tomorrow I also hope to get a song that I haven’t even written lyrics to done. Its story:

I sat down at the piano and started playing around. The music sounded fun, recorded it quick and now I need to come up with a melody and lyrics. FUUN.

Now let’s talk some music releases!!!!

First: The Cranberries

I LOVE THE CRANBERRIES. My love of nineties music started with The Cranberries. Well, actually no. It didn’t but still they’re my favorite 90’s band.

Their album Roses comes out on Feb 27 and they’ve been all over TV performing their new song Tomorrow which is soooo catchy and fun to listen to and there’s so much truth. Dolores’ writing style is so… simple yet so deep and full of meaning and I just love her.

Second: The Ting Tings

The Ting Tings are another one of those bands that I knew before they got popular. Now, I don’t mean to sound pretentious or anything when I say that but seriously I have this weird jealousy when bands I know get popular.

Their second album: Sounds From Nowheresville leaked about a month ago and of course I downloaded it (it wasn’t stealing because I’ve already pre-ordered it from Amazon). I love it. I think they’ve grown from a “singles band” (a band that’s good for releasing a trillion singles from one album) to a really solid indie pop/rock album that can pretty much do anything with Katie Whites gorgeous voice. My personal favorites are Guggenheim and Hit Me Down Sonny. I was disappointed that they sped up Day to Day. They performed it a while back as a slow ballad type song, now it’s just kinda plain.

Third: Memoryhouse

From their small EP “The Years” I have a lot of hope for this band. They seem very versatile and I can’t wait to hear their debut album “The Slideshow Effect”.

Fourth: Sarah Jaffe

You guys. I almost crapped myself with excitement when I hear that Sarah Jaffe was going to be releasing her second album “The Body Wins” in april. Her first album and her EP are so good and I can’t wait to hear the new direction she’s going in for this album.

Fifth and Sixth and Seventh: Sleigh Bells and Civil Twilight, and Ladyhawke

I need to condense this, it’s getting long. Sleigh Bells is so noisy, I can’t get enough. They performed on SNL last night and while my mom hated it, I loved it. ❤ Alexis Krauss. Also, that IS the album cover. cute, huh?

Civil Twlight. The band that brought the song Letters From the Sky to just about every dramatic movie/show. I haven’t had time to listen to their debut album in full but the six or seven songs I have heard are fantastic. Their second album I’m excited for. I don’t know why. I just am.

Finally, I feel like a terrible person that I forgot about Ladyhawke… (This was an after thought).

Her second album Anxiety will be released in March and I CANNOT wait to hear it. The first single “Black, White & Blue” is so good. My mom calls it 60’s music. I don’t know why. Maybe it sounds like 60’s music. Also, the album cover is sooo cool. It’s her, but then if you look closely at her hair you’ll find little surprises.

p.s. I don’t have the rights to these photos and no copyright infringement is intended.

WOWOWOWOWOW. That was a lot. Hope that made up for my absence. The Amazing Race is on tonight. YES! Brenden and Rachel. TRAINWRECK.



Back for another round of the blogging, the fortieth to be exact!!! This week I come to you with not much news, but just some jibber jabber about random things.

Recording is going… not at all. I haven’t really recorded anything with my microphone yet but I will starting hopefully next week.

Also, up in the menu there is a new tab called “gallery” which is most of the pictures I’ve taken. I might even use one of them as the album cover since the whole underwater concept hasn’t exactly been working out. Also, the blog banner is different and the “ZW” is the logo that is going to be used on the front of the cover.

I’ve slightly altered the covers for “Shadow” and “Take It Lightly” but they aren’t too different, just a little more contrast-y than the originals.

So lets talk Lana Del Rey. I discoverd her music a few weeks ago before she performed on Saturday Night Live, which in her case was a big mistake. She….. well she wasn’t great but she wasn’t as terrible as many say she was. You can watch her performance of one her really fantastic songs (that she didn’t do much justice) below:

She doesn’t sound bad in any other live performances that I’ve heard her in so I think she was just nervous.

This performance in turn made me super duper nervous for the first time I perform in front of people. I was thinking of maybe trying to set up a show sometime at the very end of May/ very beginning June right before the release of the album which comes out in June 4 at my friends art show which (tentatively) runs June 4 and 5. The digital release of the album will be on June 12, a week later.

Here is the new cover of Take It Lightly:

Post 37: Take It Lightly

Like i had stated previously, I was thinking about releasing “Take it Lightly” as the first single from my first studio album. And that’s what I’m going to do. I made the cover(s) today and they are below. I can’t decide if I like the one with the writing on it or if I just like it simple with the small title on the top. I’m leaning more towards the one with the big writing. Let me know what you think by commenting:

The single is going to be released onto my Bandcamp page on April 30th which is a Monday! SO MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Also, you may have noticed that the menu up top is a little different. The “Music” tab takes you directly to my bandcamp page and the facebook tab takes you right to my facebook page! I’ve added an about page and soon I’m gonna add a “Photos” page!

Today, I will hopefully have my album cover shoot and when those are all done and edited, they’ll be up for the world to see! I’m so excited! Underwater, here I come!

Post 36: Potential Single? Maybe!

Hey peeps. I got back into the piano rooms AGAIN yesterday. I think I need to take a break from them because I’m starting to lose a bit of inspiration or whatever you want to call it.

I recorded 3 songs:

  • The Things You’ve Said
  • One and Only
  • Take It Lightly

I am thinking that maybe take it lightly will be the lead single from the album but I don’t know when it will be released or if I’ll even put it online.

Next weekend I’m going to do my absolute best to get my album cover shot because I really want to see it come into being and I wanna play around with making it exactly how I want to be. I also had an idea for the album sleeve which I’m going to put together and see how it goes.

Some more news on the album release:

My friends are having an art show and they’ve agreed to let me sell my album there. So, that’s going to serve as the official physical release for the album and then it will be released online the following week. Hopefully their art show works out because I’m really looking forward to having a platform to release my hard work!

In other news, today, the War in Iraq officially ended today. I kind of wonder though what that means. Because we still have troops in the country. I know we are getting them out but I question whether or not this is just something the government is doing to give us all some sort of perception that it’s all really over.

I’m not complaining because I think it’s great. It’s about time this thing has ended. So many lives have been lost and I’m so thankful to all the people that gave their life and time to fight for this country. YOU are the ones that allow me to be able to sit down here and tell everyone about my music. YOU are the ones that let me play my music. YOU are the ones that let everyone in this country live freely so I and everyone else should take some time and appreciate the people that give us the life we have today.

Post 24

So it’s Monday once again. Woo! Not. But hey, you get to listen to another one of my songs!!! Woo! For real!

Today marks the release of the second single from my first album “Hit the Low” as well as the EP “Mental Breakdown” which comes out in September.

Now, what was released as the single is the shorter, 3 minute single version. This is not the version that will appear on the EP or the album. There are 3 versions of the song. One being the final version. The second being the quieter, more raw version. The third and final being the single version. Which is a shorter cut of the raw, second version. So, either way. Enjoy.

Like I said earlier, with the full download of the whole single, you will get a digital lyric booklet and a new addition… a FREE extra song. BUT only if you download the album! So don’t miss out!

I’ll be back tomorrow with all the tv gossip and thoughts that I have!

AND! Check out the lyrics section for the lyrics for the song “Man”.