I wrote “Man” in a sort of “block” of three songs which were:

  • Man
  • Broken Forest
  • Everybody’s Waiting

The song is pretty easy to figure out. It is about how people have become so dependent on each other and no one is really independent. It could also be interpreted in a way that relates to the government and how all the “common folk” have to pay for their mistakes.

I Want to Sleep-

I can see everyone taking this song as someone literally killing another person. It isn’t.

The song is about relationships one person in a sense “brainwashes” the other and that person no longer acts like themselves.

in the lines “bring me some coffee in the morning/ kill me by this afternoon/ lay me to rest in the evening light” symbolizes the beginning of the relationship (the morning) where everything seems so fine and dandy and then by the middle of the relationship (the afternoon) is where the person starts to lose who they really are.


Shadow was written a LONG time ago and was originally called “Shadow Man” (this version will be on the Mental Breakdown EP). I re-wrote the song and re-recorded it and it became the first official single from my debut album.

The song is about someone who spreads lies and gets caught and basically no one really likes them anymore. So “watch you drown” isn’t literal. It is a metaphor for watching someone crash and burn and not really caring because they’ve hurt you personally.


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