Gosh, so i made a tumblr today. i like it. it’s pretty fun to be just absolutely just bleeah. it’s here at:¬†http://ilikepineapplesandcats.tumblr.com/

First off i’d just really like for kate nash to just tell us when the hell her new ep and album are coming out. it’s no news that they are coming soon so she just needs to spill it. for real.

Second off. LANA DEL REY’S NEW EP “PARADISE” COMES OUT TOMORROW. THIS IS JUST TOO MUCH. Seriously. I can’t wait. I’ll get to hold it in my hands when I get home on thursday, So exciting.

Third off. I have a bone to pick with UPS. They delivered my packages to the wrong person who signed for it. I hope they are enjoying watching Little Miss Sunshine and listening to my Rachael Yamagata cd. because I’m not thrilled. If it’s not in my dorms lobby tomorrow, shit’s gonna get real extremely fast for people. You don’t mess with my amazon orders. I feel like it’s karma. Because I wasn’t supposed to buy anything until my orders within the last 30 days on Amazon was at 0 (this was a personal goal). and it was supposed to be at 0 but it wasn’t so i placed my order. And then it all went to hell. fabulous. so. the other thing i ordered hasn’t even shipped yet.

And. AND. Yesterday i almost died 3 times. Two of the near-death-experiences were within like 5 seconds due to idiots who payed no attention at a 4 way intersection. So i start going, i’m about a fourth of a way out when this girl just cuts out in front of my to turn left. Thanks, yo.She said sorry out her window though so she’s forgiven. But then, as soon as i step on the gas again, a mobile home decides to start going, paying no attention and i’m just like


so yeah i could’ve died. thanks to these morons. And then, number three, i have the right away when this guy decides he’ll NOT left turn yield. in. front. of. a. cop. who was probably on his computer updating his facebook status cause seriously, we need to reduce technology in cars EXCEPT FOR THE PEOPLE THAT BASICALLY CONTROL CRIME IN EVERYDAY SOCIETY. jesus. i’m moving to Australia.

Have a good night.