Post 29: Wow am I scattered….

Hey guys! Gonna hit you up with some altered plans. The “Demos” album was just too long so I’ve decided to split is up into 2 separate releases. The first is going to be the updated “Mental Breakdown” EP and the second is going to be the long-awaited first studio album!!!! YAAY! The album isn’t necessarily a “studio” album because only 3 of the tracks were actually professionally recorded. However, the remaining tracks are some of my favorites and I cannot afford another session so I’m going to release them. 3 of the tracks were recorded using Mixcraft and the remaining 6 are some of my best songs to date, I think.

So, more information on the releases. “Mental Breakdown” is going to be released on November 15, the original release date for “Demos”. The first studio album, “The Rebels” is going to be released January 10, 2012. Track lists, lyrics, and artwork to come at later dates.