It gives me great pleasure to read the negative comments about the music I like. But then what’s even better is the comments those negative reviews get. Like “Sorry you’re deaf”, or “you don’t know what good music is” or the seriously disturbed comment-er “YOU STUPID OLD COW YOU GO CRAWL IN A HOLE AND DIE BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT GOOD MUSIC AND THE WORLD WOULD BE BETTER OFF IF YOU CUT YOURSELF AND THEN HUNG FROM THE RAFTERS BUT YOUR SO FAT THAT THE RAFTERS BROKE AND SO YOU HAVE TO DROWN YOURSELF BECAUSE YOU SUCK AT FINDING GOOD MUSIC!” (that is not an actual review that i know of but i’m sure one like it exists.)

I just find it hilarious how easy it is to set people off just because their favorite band was insulted. YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC ISN’T EVERYONE’S FAVORITE MUSIC (unless of course it’s Justin Bieber, everyone loves him). Whatever, people are just stupid. Get over yourself and realize that it’s not that big of a deal that <3FloRENcE+ThEMAcHiNE<3 isn’t that into Korn. It just doesn’t happen that way, and to get your panties in a wad about it isn’t a waste of your time because A) you look like a person that needs to be medicated and possibly put away and B) You aren’t going to change  <3FloRENcE+ThEMAcHiNE<3’s mind. I just wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school. I wish that I could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles, and we’d all eat it and be happy. (FALSE: middle school was hell). Yes, that was a quote from mean girls, i’m not that clever.

Anyways. I think I’m going to talk about the Real Housewives of Orange County. Vicki and Brooks, mainly Brooks are gross together. First of all, Brianna and Tamra are 100% right. Brooks is a freeloader and he’s trying to clean Vicki’s life of everyone that can sense that, even her own daughter and Vicki is just too blinded by love. I don’t get it, he’s creepy. Like the kind of person you pass on the street and pull your kid a little closer to you just in case. Yeah, I’d watch out for that fella. Sorry, I’m being mean.

Also, Sarah Winchester is a nut and she just wants attention from the show, maybe to be made into a permanent housewife? I don’t know, but if you’ve ever noticed, the “recurring” housewives, never make regular status, except for Brandi in Beverly Hills, which, in her case was much deserved.

Alright, that’s done. Time to download my album FOR FREE! YES, 12 TRACKS ALL FOR FREE RIGHT DOWN THERE! GO AND SWOOP IT UP!


52: It’s Been Far Too Long

I haven’t blogged in a while. So I feel like I have a lot to say about a lot of stuff.

First off. The Celebrity Apprentice. I know I’m a couple days late on my opinions but seriously. If Lisa Lampanelli wins this show I will have heart failure and it’ll be a better experience than watching her take out her jealousy on Dayana Mendoza.

If Lisa would take a few steps back and realize that she and Aubrey O’Day (another story) are the ONLY ones that think that Dayana is a waste of space and always in people’s way, they’d realize they are completely, utterly wrong. The clip below is mild compared to what this evil, jealous woman has put Dayana through.


And Aubrey. You’ve proved to be one of the most unlikable women in America. Everything. Everything. Everything MUST be about you. That’s why you broke up an entire band. That’s why one of the most influential men in music FIRED you from his band. That’s why NO ONE (except Lisa) wants to work with you on Celebrity Apprentice. It was blood boiling at first that everything was “Me me me me me me me, I’m so great” but when Teresa won her task and Donald asked her what her charity was and why it was so important…. YOU ANSWERED. SICKENING. WHY CAN YOU NOT LET ANYONE HAVE THEIR MOMENT?

I know the clip is long. But to get an idea of the stupid, just watch the first minute or two. You’ll get sucked in.

Basically, someone, Arsenio Hall, calls her out on her absolute b.s. she cries, proceeds to ask Teresa if she, Aubrey, has “taught her everything she knows” and then Donald Trump says that’s a negative statement. She quits. Go home. Stay home. Go break up another band. Don’t come back. Oh wait, she does. Great.

Moving on from the mean and stupid. Let’s talk about spring music. I’ve already told you about Sarah Jaffe’s new album which releases next week!!!! I’ve pre-listened to the album on NPR and it’s great. Such a great direction she’s moved in.

Next, is an album I’ve been waiting for since 8th grade. And finally. It’s here on May 1.

Santigold: Master of My Make-Believe is gonna be such a great album. Better be the best album I’ve heard in awhile since I’ve waited four long years. I’ve heard three tracks from the album: “GO!”, “Big Mouth”, and “Disparate Youth”.

“Big Mouth” not my favorite but the other two songs are soo great.

I’m gonna crap myself from excitement. NO JOKE. This woman is a goddess. Seriously. I absolutely cannot wait for this album. Her previous five album just topped themselves as they came out, (except for her second album). Soviet Kitsch was great, Begin to Hope was amazing, Far was superb and What We Saw From the Cheap Seats is gonna follow right along with that trend. I can tell. It’s a long wait, May 23, but I think I can make it. I hope I can make it. Regina Spektor ❤

So concludes my Celebrity Apprentice rant and love of music rant. I’ll be back sooner than later to give you album updates. Also, it’s my one year anniversary for this blog in about a week. So. Be there, or be square.


This is my 50th post. Crazy. I know. Over the course of ALMOST one whole year, I’ve managed to post on here 50 times. That’s pretty good considering I tend to get with things pretty quick and easy. Not here though. Once I realized that I have somewhat of a following I guess I thought I probably shouldn’t just abandon this.

I’m halfway finished with my sixth song in total, fifth song that’ll be on the album. It’s called “In The Sky”. That song and “Maybe I’m Broken” go hand in hand as one song is from a certain persons viewpoint on a situation and then “Maybe I’m Broken” is from another person’s viewpoint. I’m pretty proud of the two songs. I’ve got to edit the vocal track of the song and polish it up a little and then it’ll be finished. So after that’s finished up I will have almost half of the album completed!!!


  1. Take It Lightly
  2. Be Free
  3. Shadow
  4. Maybe I’m Broken
  5. In the Sky


  1. Sleep
  2. Those Times
  3. Despite Them
  4. Back of the Room
  5. What Am I?

I think I’ve got myself on a good schedule. Also, good news. I’ve found someone that’s willing to put her talent of playing violin and drums to use. I REALLY hope that it works out because that would add some type of something more to the album. I’m going to do everything in my power to get some of that going on in the album!

So now I’m going to talk about the Amazing Race. Vanessa is a gross person on the inside. And you know that you don’t someone when you don’t like that they made fun of Rachel. Yes. Rachel. She’s back if you haven’t heard or seen The Amazing Race 20.

Rachel was a contestant on big brother 12 and the winner of Big Brother 13. She and her husband or whatever who is also from Big Brother, Brenden, are competing together. I talked about the two frequently during the summer. They’ve made for some good Amazing Race drama what with threatening to leave Brenden and quit the whole show just because she couldn’t taste Salami anymore.

Anyways, this girl Vanessa keeps picking on Rachel for no apparent reason. Maybe she’s jealous of Rachel’s fame? Maybe she see’s Rachel as weak and easy prey. Well she must have not seen Big Brother because if anyone fights back, it’s Rachel. And it looks like that’s what will happen next week in and airport. God, I want Vanessa and her tool boyfriend Ralph (yeah, Ralph) to go home.

Quick jump back to music!!!!! Don’t forget that my single, “Take It Lightly” is available for download (it’s free) and you can listen to it right down below.

49: ALMOST 50!

HOLY BAGOLEEEE! I was able to go to The Hunger Games preview last night with my fabulous mother. She won the tickets and the movie was so great. So beyond expectations. Everything that I thought should have been included in the film was and there was even extra stuff that wasn’t in the book like the perspective of the gamemakers which added such an interesting aspect. Anyways. I just thought I’d like to brag about how i saw it TWO DAYS BEFORE ANYONE ELSE!!!!!! 😛

Next topic. Survivor: One World. There will be spoilers. So prepare yourself to move OFF of this page if you haven’t seen the episode or read on if you have and want to hear my thoughts.

I’m singing and dancing right now that the meanest, most vile, disgusting, hateful, ugly (inside and out), revolting, putrid, vomit inducing, slimy, grimy,  piggish, FOOL is finally off the show. Yes, Colton, I’m talking about YOU! When your appendix decided he could no longer stand to be in your fowl body anymore, he decided to make a run for it, taking you with it. I’m sure your appendix is much happier in a jar than in you.

I’ve NEVER in my years of watching Survivor hated anyone so much as I’ve hated this childish boy. Why you may ask? Hmmm, he’s RACIST, ENTITLED, CONCEITED, DISGUSTING, HATEFUL, AND DOWN RIGHT MAKES ME WANT TO THROW UP ALL OVER HIS FACE AND HOPE MY STOMACH ACID BURNS HIS FACE OFF. “Tell us how you really feel” you might be asking. I did. This is a person who basically said that the only black people he associates with are the ones that clean his house and that basically because everything has been handed to him, that someone who wants to pursue stand up comedy, shouldn’t associate themselves with him. He then proceeded to single out the “weakest” person, Christina, on the tribe and along with his side kick, Alecia, bully her like two middle school girls hell bent on ruining someones lives.

Dear Colton,

While you were bent over crying because your stomach was hurting, WHO RAN TO GET THE MEDICAL TEAM? Christina. WHO RUBBED YOUR HEAD WHEN IT HURT? Christina. I’d like you to know that while your insides were bursting, I felt no pity. To use an old saying “Karma is a bitch.” so are you. I hope you have no friends after you leave the show because you deserve a life of solitude.

Hate is all I have for this p.o.s excuse for a human being.

OH WAIT! I just learned. He didn’t have appendicitis. He had a severe bacterial infection in his stomach. I guess the bacteria were just flocking to their own kind.

Anyways. The show probably won’t be as interesting anymore and the producers are probably upset that their main source of drama/ratings is now gone. But we still have Alecia.

In other TV “news”, “The River” just had it’s season finale on tuesday and I’m angry that I wasn’t able to flip my TV on and contribute to their poor ratings. The show is really really good. One of the best shows since The Walking Dead started in 2010. The acting is really good and they don’t focus on SCARY SCARY SCARY as much as they try to develop the characters. It makes for a great show. I don’t think it’ll be renewed by ABC which makes me sad but Netflix is in talks of picking it up which would be fabulous.

So, that’s it for that long little rant about DISGUST. Thanks for reading.

43: American Idol

I’ve recently been watching American Idol… I don’t know how I got sucked into this thing but you know. Things happen. My current bet on who I think is going to win the whole thing (I know it’s a little early) is Phillip Phillips. I’m not really sure what to think of the other contestants. I really like Heejun but I don’t think he’s going to go far. I think Eben is another competitor but I have a feeling he won’t make it past the final 7. He’s too young.

I sit there and watch the show and think… I actually want to do this? What is wrong with me? I don’t feel like I’m personally good enough to make it so far as the final 24. It’s crazy though because I bet every single person in the final 24 thought the same exact thing. Season 12 here I (hopefully) come!

On to my music. I’m almost done with Be Free. This one is a little trickier than “Take it Lightly”. I’m not sure on the vocal volume and all that jazz but I just need to get over it. Also, I’m going to add two more tracks to the upcoming “Take It Lightly” single (released March 12), making it more of an EP. Here’s the track listing:

If you didn’t notice… I’m moving the release of this EP up to March 12, which is only a couple of days away. March seems like more of a suitable release. It’ll be even more of a tease because you’ll have to wait 3 months until the album.

I’ve been working hard lately and have quite a few songs that need completing… like… a lot. upwards of 5. I need to get busy.

Right now you can download for FREE the first single off the album, “Shadow” and you can do that here.

Post 36: Potential Single? Maybe!

Hey peeps. I got back into the piano rooms AGAIN yesterday. I think I need to take a break from them because I’m starting to lose a bit of inspiration or whatever you want to call it.

I recorded 3 songs:

  • The Things You’ve Said
  • One and Only
  • Take It Lightly

I am thinking that maybe take it lightly will be the lead single from the album but I don’t know when it will be released or if I’ll even put it online.

Next weekend I’m going to do my absolute best to get my album cover shot because I really want to see it come into being and I wanna play around with making it exactly how I want to be. I also had an idea for the album sleeve which I’m going to put together and see how it goes.

Some more news on the album release:

My friends are having an art show and they’ve agreed to let me sell my album there. So, that’s going to serve as the official physical release for the album and then it will be released online the following week. Hopefully their art show works out because I’m really looking forward to having a platform to release my hard work!

In other news, today, the War in Iraq officially ended today. I kind of wonder though what that means. Because we still have troops in the country. I know we are getting them out but I question whether or not this is just something the government is doing to give us all some sort of perception that it’s all really over.

I’m not complaining because I think it’s great. It’s about time this thing has ended. So many lives have been lost and I’m so thankful to all the people that gave their life and time to fight for this country. YOU are the ones that allow me to be able to sit down here and tell everyone about my music. YOU are the ones that let me play my music. YOU are the ones that let everyone in this country live freely so I and everyone else should take some time and appreciate the people that give us the life we have today.

Post 35: Something I Thought I Published

Well…. A while ago I thought I had published a post containing gossip and updates but I guess I accidentally saved it as a draft instead of publishing it. So here is post 35:

“Can you say anti-climatic? I can! Yes, my guilty pleasure is antm and for those of you who don’t want to know who “won” don’t read anymore.

So, Lisa’s big “win” was probably the least excited and fake I’ve ever seen someone. Why? Well, rewind a little bit and we learn AFTER production had wrapped someone, namely Anglea, leaked some information so she was therefore disqualified and the final judging had to be retaped. Now, who actually won the series is unknown. It could’ve been anglea but then she was disquaified or it could’ve been Lisa in the first place who jut couldn’t find a second round of happiness in her. Whatever, allison should’ve won regardless. Lisa just wanted the publicity for her music career as La Puchinita whatever that means.

Also, I caught up on my real housewives of beverly hills and all I can say is… “we’re and evolved species!” Good freaking lord tese women are such a mess. My heart goes out to taylor armstron and everthing but jesus, pull it together on camera….. or don’t, cause as we all know, self destructing middle age women fighting with drunk middle aged women brings the ratings.

Moving on, today I recorded a demo of a new song called “Break Though Time” today, right on track with where I want to be!!! :)”

So. End Post 35. Some more updates on top of those updates:

I was planning to get the “photo shoot” for the album cover done this week but my photographer has the flu. So that’s going to be delayed. I also got three songs recorded for demos yesterday and I’m right on track with where I want to be. I want to hopefully have 18 songs to choose from and in the end I will have 11 final tracks on the album. I’m planning to get back into the piano rooms tomorrow so I hope I can create some great new material.

Songs so far:

  • Be Free
  • Rumor
  • Break Through Time
  • Stay With You
  • I Want to Sleep
  • Back of the Room

6 down, 12 to go. More updates soon to come when the album cover is shot! I can’t wait to release this album, it’s long overdue.